The Addiction is Real

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Video Game addiction is real. The addiction comes in different forms either collecting games or playing one particular game for an expanse of time. Many people would normally associate addictions with drugs, alcohol and gambling. Webster simply defines addiction as: ” a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).”

Video game addiction has not really be categorized as a real addiction. Not all gamers south-park-1200x675are addicted. But we have all seen the stigmas of an old guy living his/her mothers basement playing an old MMORPG. But what makes video games addicting?

  • The High Score
  • Being a completionist
  • Role-Playing a fantasy character
  • Discovering a new universe, new game genre or players
  • Finding an online relationship partner

Addictions grow and can become out of control. But just like other addictions, there is help. If you visit you can read more. I would like to take a moment to talk about my own story with video games.

I have been playing video games since age 5. So roughly since 1993. My first system was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). My first game was the Mario/Duck hunt with the gun. The Christmas I got it I remember my Uncle and I playing through each level in 2 player. And booting up Duck Hunt with the gun and beating my dads score. Laughing every time the dog laughed at my dad missing a duck. I think that is just the start to my love of video games.

I have played PC games as a kid throughout the 90s. Typically playing alone on a PC. At least until the internet got bigger and better #DSL. I did have consoles when growing up. By far the N64 was my favorite console. Just all the memories I had playing with friends. So many great games were on the N64. Emulators have issues running some of the ROM games I loved. Lego Racer, StarWars PodRacer, Smash bros, Mario 64, and many more.

I thrive now for the collection hunt. Where can I find that game I played when I was 8 and for how cheap. Or if it’s a digital game I’m salivating for, its at what low price can I get this for. I will look through forums, sites, and reddit posts so I can find an indie game I like for free or for pennies on the dollar ($$). I would say that my collection has grown rather large. I mainly focus on finding PC games now. PC games in the 90s were more advanced than those on the consoles. I had fun playing games on a PC as a kid and now that I’m an adult and working in IT I feel like PC gaming is a no brain’er.

See my PC game CD-ROM collection on imgur just click the link. leave a comment if you like.

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My steam library has grown to 200+ games. I have either purchased, gotten for free, gifted to me, or got in a random key purchase. I plan on going through all my steam games. Maybe post about a few I liked or didn’t like. So please look back to this page for more post. Check out my Steam inventory

Thank you reader for stopping and looking at my blog. Its readers like you that keep me posted on this blog.


Fight for Democracy They Said

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Hello gamers in this post you will get a look at Helldivers. Helldivers is a top down, co-op, twin stick shooter. The game is made by Arrowhead. It is available on Steam and Playstation. It was release in early 2015 on Playstation 3 and 4, then was ported to PC late 2015.

I picked up Helldivers during a steam sale. I was able to get the game and all DLC for under $30. Helldivers is typically $24.99. Some may say that normal price of the game is a little steep without DLC. My opinion is the game has enough content for the price you pay. I recommend getting the game on sale regardless.

Playing Helldivers makes me feel like I’m playing the Starship Troopers movie. You fight for Democracy on hostile infested planets. Players will originate from Super Earth. The democracy of Super Earth believe that all surrounding galaxies must be subdued by any means necessary. You will have to fight bugs, cyborgs, and Illuminates. Each mission you deploy on will have different objectives. The objectives consist of: capture area, blowup bug nest, activate SAM, escort civilians, assassinate key enemy target, Etc. Helldivers can be played solo or with friends, online or local. On PC local players are guests of your profile. On Playstation you will have to login with different user accounts, can still use Hosts DLC.
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Starbound Reviewed

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Hello again visitors. Thank you for stopping by. Today in this post will be ALL about Starbound. If you don’t know what Starbound is you are missing out. This game is packed full of fun, exploration, fighting, and building. I wanted to take a step out of the game to review it on the blog. I have been playing Starbound for about 300 hours now. Though the game is still in beta it still has a lot to offer. Starbound is very much like Terraria but in space. Some of the devs that worked on Terraria are making Starbound. Starbound has procedural generation. Which means that all the planets and stars you find are random, and infinite in possibilities. I recently talked about my Starbound Server, which I still have running. Starbound is a great game to play and is still having more added to it. Its fun with or without friends. Continue reading ‘Starbound Reviewed’

Gameboy Gaming without the Gameboy

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Hello again everyone. Here lately I have been on this retro gaming kick. Always on my family vacations I bring my GameBoy Advanced SP and all my games. This year I wanted to try and get MORE GBA games with out having the hastle of finding and purchasing them. Not to mention old games are costly in working condition. So my first thought was emulators.

I have breifly mentioned emulators in my Wii Homebrew post. Click HERE to read. Emulators are used to memeic video games from a console on a PC or other device. I am sure many people have tried to run emulators on a PC. Emulators have been around for sometime. You can find an emulator for just about every console. Some emulators work better than others and some are paid while most are free. But today we are looking at installing emulators on an Android and Apple device. More specifically this post will highlight how to get emulators playing on these devices. While this process will be different for both devices, the end product is the same.

Before we begin let me answer some questions:

Will I need interenet to play the games once loaded?

No. Just to install the app. If you get paid version there are Wifi linking features

Will I have to buy anything to get this working?

Maybe. Some emulators have a paid app version. But this all can be done for free.

Do I have to jailbreak or Root the device to do this?

No you will not. But if you want to use USB gamepad you might have to.

Will this hurt, break, or brick my device?

No this is similar to downloading an app from the app store

I’m not very technical, is this hard to do?

No this is not hard to install and setup.

If you have a question I did not address please comment below and I will reply back.


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Gamers can be Horny too…

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!!–Warning this post is and should be for adults only–!!

It is true gamers world wide, male and female alike are searching on consoles for a naughty purpose. One day I came across detailed graphs with interesting data. Graphics about what gender and what is being searching on these consoles. Woman can be just as horny as the men. Take a look for yourself. Continue reading ‘Gamers can be Horny too…’

Interesting Gaming Facts

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Videogame Statistics
Source: Online Education

Guild Wars 2 is now Free-to-play

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Thats right Areanet has made it official. Guild Wars 2 is now free to play. In promotion for thier new Expansion that comes out Oct. 23rd (Heart of Thorns) Areanet is making the game free to new players. You will be able to try out the original core game for free. CLICK HERE for more info.

Of course there are limitations, like in every free-to-play game. CLICK HERE to see the link for more details. For those gamers, like me, who have already played Guild Wars 2 and will most likely not get the expansion, this is a good opportunity to get back in the game and intruduce new friends to Guild Wars 2. This MMORPG is unlike any other I have played.

I am an average gamer. I have played Guild Wars 2 for about 200 hours, maybe more. Last time I was on the game most of the lower level areas on my server (Sorrows Furnace) were empty. Players were doing more higher level events or in WvW. What I liked most about Guild Wars 2 were the PvE events. I tried to join a Guild with some friends but I was always still using the LFG to get players to run with me so I didn’t die so often alone. The one thing that turns a lot of players away from this MMO is how the classes are built. Like most other MMOs you have what is called the Holy Trinity. A healer, DPS, and a tank. Guilld Wars 2 did something different. You can go into a group with whatever class and can successfully run through a dungeon with multiple players as the same class. Guild Wars 2 does not have a straight Healer class. Though it does offer options for players who like to Tank and do DPS damage. I explain what classes I like to play in a previous post. If you did not read my last Guild Wars 2 post CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE. Continue reading ‘Guild Wars 2 is now Free-to-play’

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