Venture into Game Boy Past

So I recently pulled me original first generation Game Boy advanced out of storage. I only own two games for it currently. One of which rarely leaves the Game Boy, Metroid Fusion. I have picked back up from an old game that I never finished and was about 3 boss battles from the end. Metroid Fusion I will have to say is a must own for the GBA.

The story begins with Samus being sent on a mission to assist a science team in space. While there she became infected with an unknown virus. Which was named X. The X virus infected her and her suit. The science team tried to help her. They injected a cure for the virus with a metroid cell. And once the cure killed off the virus Samus emerged  changed. And with all her armor and suit abilities taken. They sent Samus to the bio-science lab to investigate and keep watch over. There she runs into trouble. And that is where the thrilling adventure begins for Samus in this journey. If you have never played this game or any Metroid game I highly recommend it.


~ by rjslick88 on September 4, 2011.

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