Super Smash Bros Rewind

Anyone who had a Gamecube should at least remember this hit game title. Super Smash Bros Melee was a fighting game. It featured Nintendo characters such as Mario, Link, and Samus pinned together in battle. Melee being the predecessor to the hit N64 Super Smash Bros title. Smash Bros Melee only released 2 years after the game before it. This game was my most favorite game on Gamecube; but sadly I sold the game and the Gamecube a long time ago when I started playing Xbox more. If you are like me and without a Gamecube now, there is a solution to the Smash Bros craving. You can play Gamecube games on the Nintendo Wii and you can still use the Gamecube controller as well.

Melee added more stages and special characters to unlock. Characters like Roy, Mewtwo, Falco, Young Link, Mr. Game. and even Princess Peach. As well as the added main starter characters like Zelda, Ice Climbers, and Bowser. Newer Levels like Ness’s Neighborhood with driving cars that can hurt you; a changing pokemon stadium. They added a new single player fighting adventure towards the master hand(s). This fighting game is one for the ages.

Over in Japan it sold over 300,000 in a week. Even here in the States Melee tournaments were held. This game did answer everyone’s question… Can Peach kick Marios butt. Play the game and be the judge. Thanks for reading yet another Average Gamers Blog Post. Game Play photos:

See if you remember either of these commercials for Super Smash Bros.:


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