Explosions Crackdown

Just picked up Crackdown 2 on Xbox 36o. I like it so far, it plays very similar to the first Crackdown game. Which I did own and play entirely through. Crackdown was first released in 2007; they had demos of the game with some Halo 3 lauch titles. Crackdown is an open world third person shooter where you are a genetically enhanced cop they refereed to agents. You play one of these agents in Pacific City, a place with lots of crime. In the original Crackdown you had to fight your way through gangs in different parts of the city to bring order back to the city. Where as Crackdown 2’s story is a little more in depth than that. The story takes place many years after the first game. After all the agents from the first game have long since gone. Pacific City is yet again infested with crime, but this time at night the new generation of agents are in for a surprise.  Here is the opening cut scene of Crackdown 2 that you will see before being able to start playing:

After I started the game and played through a few infested areas I began playing a little with the huge arsenal that the game developers put at your disposal. As well as the many different exploding, and throwable objects scattered throughout the city to help take down the infested crime and creatures.


~ by rjslick88 on October 18, 2011.

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