The Red Undead Massacre

A post Halloween zombie treat for you viewers. I am sad that I did not get it to you on all hallows night, but life and duty calls. But I got it done today gladly and I hope you enjoy. This video I play through Red Dead Undead Nightmare, in a small area on the map called Tumbleweed. There I come across a grave yard that needs to be cleansed of the zombie infestation. I am a personal fanatic about zombie stuff, especially zombie games. In my personal opinion Undead Nightmare is a huge bang for your buck for a zombie game. Where Dead Island is what $50+ dollars still used at your local Gamestop perhaps. Where as Undead Nightmare $20. If you own Red Dead Redemption then the download off Xboxlive is even less. So enjoy my video and watch some heads explode. Warning the video below is reated M for mature.

P.S. So sorry about the delay. This post was ready at the beginning of this week but thanks to my computer and crappy internet it took days to upload. So here you are finally I hope you enjoy.

Here is a remade classical style rendition of Rockstar games Unread Nightmare. Enjoy


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