Zero is Just the Beginning for Samus

I recently bought the 2004 GBA originial, Metroid Zero Mission. This was one game that I was always dieing to play ever since I beat the first GBA metroid game Fusion (click here to view my post). Now Metroid Zero mission is the sixth metroid installment in the series. It is a merely an enhanced remake of the original metroid game. So far I do not know what to make of the game. The abilities you start out with are very limited, just like in all other metroid games. And you have to obviously play through the game to gain more abilities. And use those abilities to get to new places and beat the different bosses.

Game Cover           

The story of Metroid Zero Mission is Samus finds out that space pirates are experimenting on metroids and she has to return to her home planet to stop them. The environment is more like a Egyptian theme. That is if Egyptians were to build in space with airlock doors and elevators. This game is definitely a lot different than the previous metroid game that came before it (metroid Fusion). Now I may have a byes towards Metroid Fusion, seeing as I have played through it about 6 or 7 times, but I feel as I progress through Zero Mission I may come to like it. So far I just have not liked the beginning of the game. With Samus starting out not being able to grab ledges or jump higher it is hard to really find where I should go in the missions. So I may suggest a walkthrough book or website if you are new to the meroid series. The navigation through the levels will require some thought. Seeing you may come to points in the level where you get stuck and can only get out one way.

Game play        

This game I will say is a must play. But play Zero Mission before running out and getting Metroid Fusion. I thought the story and game play was more adequately done in Metroid Fusion. Though Zero Mission does have clever gameplay, the boss battles are tricky, and the level design makes the game fun. Once I started finding my way and gaining abilities I can’t seem to put it down. And hopefully you will enjoy this title as much as I am now. Thank you for tuning in to another Average Retro Gamer blog post. Check out my other posts for more interesting game titles and reviews.


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