Fisher’s Conviction or Revenge?

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      Hello again for another Average Gamer blog post. Today I want to visit one of my most favorite game series dating back even to the Original Xbox. That series is the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell. Today I will show you, what I have to say, is the best game of the whole series. Splinter Cell Conviction, this game has a very in depth story. If you didn’t play through Splinter Cell Double Agent, the title before conviction, then some of the story you may be lost in the beginning. But no worries Ubisoft brings you up to speed fast from the get-go. Conviction, I would have to say, was one of the first Splinter Cell games that really dove into the true character of Sam Fisher, life he lived, and the life he wanted to live before the end of his double agent mission. Non-the-less Sam Fisher, being a lot older now, is still a huge sneak around bad ass. Ubisoft in this title really went all out for Sam’s final mission. The Campaign is like non other that I have played in any of the Splinter Cell titles before.

In the past I know many people did not like the series because there was a lot of sneaking around and many missions where you were not aloud to “kill” anyone. So most gamers that just wanted to run in guns blazing couldn’t really enjoy the title. But I will say that in conviction that is not an issue. There maybe a few short lived moments where you can’t shoot people, but never whole missions. Example you are chasing a suspect in DC and have to get by cops, Sam Fisher does not shoot cops! So you have to knock them out instead. But all other moments you can be sneaky and kill off your enemies one by one in the dark or just run in noticed, shoot/explode them to bits.

The dynamics in conviction are great, when in the shades the screen is black and white, when you go in the light everything is color. So you truly know when you are hidden and not. The enemies are not dumb though if you play the game long enough like me, hahaha, you can manipulate the A.I. well enough to get an outcome of what you would like. The enemies will not just rush into a room after they saw their friend blow up in front of them, and they will try and flank you if they think you know where you are positioned. Ubisoft even added this execute system where you can mark 2-4 enemies, depending on the gun you use, and with the push of one button take them out. Also those enemies have to be in you line of site. To obtain an execute you have to perform a stealth kill, or hand to hand kill. So if you love going guns loaded then you may not do this often. But let me tell you it is quite helpful.

A side from the good and short campaign there is a game mode called deniable-ops. Where you play solo or with a friend to play through a variety of different game modes (hunter, last stand, or infiltration). The deniable-ops characters, Archer and Kestel, they have all the same gadgets and skills as Sam but work with for the people that Sam is trying to stop.

I know this post has been a little wordy but I sure you can tell that I just love this game. So I made it a little simple and I created this video that will showcase much of what I talked about in the post. So enjoy. (My personal video review to come, check back in)

Overall review: If you got excited by the video footage then you should get this game! I consider it a BUY, though the campaign is short it is fun to play a few extra times. But the deniable-ops and challenges definitely will keep you going to unlock all the weapons and costumes in the game. Ubisoft also had added special goodies through the U-play network so don’t forget to check that out. But for the average gamer that never was a huge Tom Clancy fan I will have to say it is a weekend RENTAL.

I would like to point out some downsides:

  • The solar goggles are cool, but need to constantly turned on and off. You can’t walk with them on. This is needed in a few campaign missions
  • Short Campaign
  • Flashback Afghanistan mission in Campaign, took away the sneak and hand to hand kill feature.
    • Though I do not highly criticize this move because you are not playing as Sam in this mission, rather his friend, who clearly is not as bad-ass as Sam Fisher is.


  • The Movement from cover to running is smooth. I wish other games would take note on Convictions cover system
  • Change of screen color to know when you are hidden and not
  • Mark and execute system just makes you feel like a bad ass
  • Plenty of challenges to accomplish for in-game unlock-able goodies

Ubisoft is not only the designers of Assassins Creed, but they are coming out with a long awaited title this coming year. Rainbow Six Patriot. Check my blog again for more information, soon to come, about this up coming game. Thanks for tuning in.


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