Star Wars Space Racing Memories

Do you remember the days of the N64? I surely do. And one of my favorite racing games to play on the N64 was Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer.  It took one of my favorite cinematic moments of Star Wars Episode 1 and turned it into a simple racing game. Placing you at the choice of your favorite pod and racer from the movie and some that you did not see. In the game there were many levels to race on, one being the more familiar, Tatooine, the race from the actual movie. Not only could you choose the pod you wish to race in but you could also upgrade it. Star Wars Episode I - Racer load screen

When you won a race you would earn money that you could use when you visited Watto’s Shop. You can choose to buy new or uses parts for your pod. Parts are for different racing aspects of the pod like turning, acceleration, air braking, cooling, repair, and top speed. The parts like: injectors, power cells, cooling radiators/pumps, thrust coils, injectors, and shift plates. All these part ranging in different prices. You can even purchase repair droids to help speed up your upgrade installation and repair of your pod. A little piece of advice if you plan on playing this old school game. Don’t buy parts at first, buy pit droids (about one or two) then after winning a few more races do this. Go to the junkyard and try and find one of the best parts in bad condition there isn’t any in the junkyard, go to SELECT RACER and select your racer over again. When you go BACK to the junkyard, there should be DIFFERENT parts there. REPEAT until you get one of the BEST parts for cheap. This will help you make your racer the best of the best on a budget.

You can even inspect your pod before you race; zoom in and out all around it, while you watch your pit droids at work. The race levels in the game are all over the galaxy. The tracks get longer and more challenging towards the end of the game. you will have to deal with obstacles and sharp turns. The opponents are not going to just pass but you they will try and hit you into objects and will try and run you into walls.You pod can repair itself as you drive if you find tour engines in critical condition. I suggest as your progress through the game to get better at the boost for your pod. You have to charge your engines up to boost. It is as simple as holding the joystick forward on straight-a-ways. If you can master this then the game towards the end will not be a problem. But mind you it is hard to take a turn at over 900 mph.

But one cool thing is once you complete the game you will get Selbulba as a racer choice; whose pod racer can shoot flames out the side of his engines. This comes in handy when racers are trying to pass. Just shoot the flames out and over heat/blow up their engine sending them far behind you.

I would say that this game was a little easy for my racer tastes. You don’t even need to boost in the first few races. The game only really gets challenging towards the end. To make the game even easier there were cheats that you could enter to make your pod unbreakable and faster than all the others. But in the games hay-day it did get about an 8 out of 10 rating. This game did keep many Star Wars racing fans happen. I know I would like to have my N64 back just to play this classic. Also remember that if you own a Wii you can buy all of Nintendo’s past titles directly to your console to play. Also the Gamecube controller will work on the older models of the system. Thanks for reading another Average Retro Gamer post.

Here are some videos I found for This Star Wars racing classic


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