Rush Racing in the 2049 Future

San Francisco Rush 2049 BoxWhen you’re driving down the road in rush hour traffic don’t you wish you could part the sea of traffic, put the pedal to the medal and ramp off a cool jump? And not only that, do you wish that your car had wings to glide far and to control spins/ flips in the air before landing safely on all four wheels? Well the developers at Atari games & Midway thought of just that. After their huge success with their arcade racing game, San Francisco Rush; and its port over to the N64 console, they set out to create a game to top it. They did just that with San Francisco Rush 2049.

San Francisco Rush 2049 is not a simulation racer by any means. But is most notable by the futuristic design of San Francisco and it’s fast paced arcade-style racing physics. It also featured gameplay for up to 4 players at a time. And you can’t forget about the “deathmatch”.

San Francisco Rush 2049 also had a battle mode to play against your friends. Strictly to see who was the master of demolition derby, Rush style. In the game there are 6 Race tracks, 4 Stunt arenas, 8 Battle arenas, and 1 unlockable obstacle course. On these courses you may find a lot of advertisements. Mostly for Slim Jim and Dickies. One interesting piece of information that I found out was that the stunt wings where not in the arcade version of this game. So in my words, the console port is a better game; though the graphics are not as good looking as the arcade version.

The San Francisco Rush series is most known for the secret passage ways and the dangerous shortcuts. Though you can race normally on the track, but if you did that you would only experience a portion of the game. The jumps in the Rush series are always fun, not to mention the addition of the glide wings. The jumps will have you say OMG! Racing in this game can become an art. Though it’s easy enough for the average/beginner gamer to pick up and go. But the more you play, the more you will find that mastering the jumps and shortcuts will make you become impossible to beat.

The cars in the game are also customizable! In San Francisco Rush 2049 they added features like, changing the engine in the car, the rims on the car, the kinds of tires, weight of the frame, and the length of your wings. All to improve yours chances of survival in the race. And I can’t forget that you can change the colors on your car to better suit your needs.  Check out this video and see what I am talking about…

The tracks in San Francisco Rush 2049 can range in difficult from easy to just outrageous. The tracks all have many different shortcuts and secret areas that are riddled with bonus medals. The secret areas can be either easy or very difficult to reach. The multiplayer ‘battle mode’ is much like  Mario Kart. Pitting you and up to 3 of your friends in a battle arena. Midway also gave the players different weapons to use in the battle. So essentially Rush 2049 ‘battle mode’ is more like Twisted Metal + Mario Kart. Which if you ask me… Is freakin’ sweet!

Rush 2049 makes admirable use of N64’s graphical hardware. Those with the memory expansion pak will enjoy sharp, detailed textures decorating expansive, seamless environments with nary a bit of popup, and only slight slowdown in the most densely trafficked areas. The game’s only visual problem is related to the camera’s activity during the stunt mode, but considering the rest of the game’s brilliant visual production, this problem is a rather soft and easy blow to take.

Well, I will let you decide for yourself. This game truly a one of a kind arcade racer. And with plenty of extras, this game will surely keep you coming back for more. The arcade racing genres are surely overlooked these days but a trip to the past will have you smiling once again. So if you are seeking a fun, wild, fast paced, and flat out entertaining racing game… then  San Francisco Rush 2049 is a game for you. So dust off that old N64/Dreamcast system and play this game! Rush 2049 is a MUST PLAY. Thanks for reading and until next time, GAME ON…


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