Operation Flashpoint… No Go

Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the predecessor to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Both games developed by C0odemasters, a British game developer. Red River was developed for the major platforms, PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.  The game begins with the gamer playing as one of four different kinds of marine soldiers (grenadier, scout, rifleman, automatic rifleman). Your marine unit is called the “outlaw-2-bravo team”. The game story is set in a fictional setting, in the year 2013. The marines are fighting against a terrorist group known as the east Turkestan Islamic movement.

The game begins with weapons training inside the base, abruptly followed by a mortar fire attack. Thus prompting the marines to strike back with their operation plans to wipe the terrorists out.The game features a unique tactical based campaign. Flashpoint: Red River notes that you will get the “true” experience of marine tactics from this game. While you play through an engrossing narrative. While playing as any of the four different characters you will call out tactics to your A.I. teammates on the fly. As well as call in different mortars, howitzers and JDAMs, AH-1Z helicopters and A-10 ground attack aircraft; all to provide close air support.Though Operation Flashpoint: Red River does not have an online multiplayer like the game before it. The developers did add a drop-in and drop-out Co-Op objective mode. But  Operation Flashpoint: Red River’s selling point is the slower paced tactic shooting. You are not a run and gun, one man show, badass. The game focuses more on realism of war, having the player decide and adjust on the fly, depending on the enemies they face. If you would like to check out the games website (click here).

Now, with all that being said, is the game worth buying, renting, or passing over?


Many shooters today such as Call of Duty and Battlefield are very fast paced. Plenty of enemies are thrown in your face to shoot at. Even the multiplayer is key to the success of the game. For example Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has built success by reputation and good game development. Not to mention it sold 6.5 million copies in the first 24 hours! So that being said games like Operation Flashpoint: Red River have to really carve out a nitch to stand up to the “standard” of first person war shooters today. Now Flashpoint: Red River has some strong concepts that do set it aside from the common shooter format.

Flashpoint: Red River uses more on tactics and  real life scenarios that marines face to immerse the player into the game. In the campaign, and in Co-Op mode, a voice will be barking orders at you as the mission progresses. Thus, you as the player has to bark more orders to your team to tell them where to go and what to shoot. This stops your ability to run in, fast-paced,  and gun the enemies down yourself. Flashpoint: Red River is definitely a slower paced shooter than all other first person shooters on the market. So what is good and bad about the game? Allow to me break down what I think.


  • The tactical calls are smooth. Allowing you to easily call out orders to your team quickly to get back to the action of the mission
  • Level design of the landscape is very well done and stunning. Even the detail of stars in the sky, clouds, and sun glare are clear and beautiful
  • Endurance of the soldier is impressive. They can run far and fast. As you run controller simulates a faster heartbeat letting the player know when they are pushing too hard


  • The gameplay is just too slow compared to today’s shooters
  • Enemy A.I. aren’t very smart, running out in the open. So there is no real challenge
  • Wait time between objectives is long; you feel like you waste more time talking with your staff Sargent and riding the in Humvee more than shooting enemies
  • The voice commentary, while is clever, isn’t entertaining. The voice acting isn’t very well done
  • No multiplayer! Only a Co-Op mode which is interesting. But honestly who is playing this game when there are games like Call of Duty and Battlefield
  • Ammo is scarce so when your out, you are out

Overall this game presents an interesting take on a first-person shooter in today’s market, however it is just not done well enough. It is too slow of a pace and doesn’t provide enough enemies to really get the gamer pumped up. While Operation Flashpoint: Red River provides smooth tactic call and good graphics, it is still starving that something extra to stand out. I can surely see this game falling to the bargain bin in soon time. Which is a shame because I know developers put a lot of hours and money into this game and others like it.

But to remind you I rate games on an easy scale. Either the games are a: MUST PLAY, RENTAL, or NOT WORTH IT. Operation Flashpoint: Red River is the first for The Average Retro Gamer to receive a NOT WORTH IT rating. Other game reviews like Game Informer only gave the game a 6 out of 10.


~ by rjslick88 on January 3, 2012.

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