An XG2 Flashback Classic

Extreme G2 Game BoxThis N64 classic was one that I really enjoyed when I owned a N64. It is a “Tron” bike look-a-like racer and is called Extreme G2. The game was developed by Acclaim who set the story in the 22nd century.

This game is nothing but racing your high speed plasma powered bike around many different galactic tracks, Grand Prix style. The speed of these bikes is not like a normal crotch-rocket you may see on the street. In Extreme G2, the bikes can get up to speeds of over 900 MPH! You can even go faster than the speed of sound. When breaking the sound barrier the bike will make a sonic boom.

Each bike in the game is unique in its own way; varying in different factors like: handling, speed, armor, and traction. Each bike also has its own sleek design and driver. The tracks are much like roller-coasters with all different kinds of ramps, turns, and tunnels to traverse through before you hit the finish line, if you do. There is a chance that the players can fly off the track; if that happens then you will just be re-spawned back onto it. In Extreme G2, there are 12 environments the player will race in; in each environment there are 6 tracks, that’s 72 tracks!

Each bike in the game has two energy bars that can be depleted throughout the race. One is for the protective shields and the other is for your primary weapon. If your shield bar goes empty you will explode on contact with anything. Exploding obviously will set you back and may cause you to lose the race. There are also cool special weapons that can be picked up throughout the track (aside from just using your primary weapon). Each special weapon will fly onto your bike, after driving through the orb, and each is unique in its own way. These special weapons include tracking missiles, shield barriers, pulse cannons, etc. At the beginning of each race the player is given 3 nitro boosts that you can use at your dispense. Just Remember you have 3 laps in a race use them sparingly.

Aside from the normal championship mode that you would expect in a racing game; Extreme G2 also included multiplayer racing, deathmatch, and an arcade mode. Multiplayer and deathmatch are straight forward; you can race against your friends, weapons and all, to see who is the better driver. Arcade mode (shoot-em up mode) is where computer drones follow a lunar path while the player attempts to destroy them with the different arsenal of weapons.

As you can see this game is packed full of high-speed bike destruction. Extreme G2, I think, is definitely one that needs to be checked out. Thanks again for tuning in to The Average Retro Gamer blog. Until next time, game on…


~ by rjslick88 on January 5, 2012.

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