Being tactical with the Tactical Insertion in COD MW3

When people talk about Modern Warfare 3, some important information often goes unmentioned.  One important piece of information is that the tactical insertion can be used in different game modes different ways to a very tactical advantage.  Using it the right way can result in a drastic increase in earned XP per level, which positively correlates with ranking up quicker, and faster prestige, etc.

When playing the game mode Kill Confirmed (not hardcore), the tactical insertion can become quite useful.  This is what I am focusing on in this post.

Using the tactical insertion the right way can earn you a spot at the top of the leader-board every match.  This simple process is repeated many times, and although it does have great benefits, you might see some slight drop in your KDR (kill death ratio), but it shouldn’t be much.

While playing kill confirmed, what you want to do is have a very powerful gun, like the .50cal. Equip your tactical insertion and begin.  Once you enter the map, find a spot where it is not the easiest place to get to, like in a building or just someplace with a nice view, but not easily accessed.  This spot can be out in the open, but the goal is to be able to respawn quick enough so your enemy cannot confim your kill.   Once you get there and deploy your tactical insertion, move a few feet away from your tactical insertion (so grenades don’t destroy it). Now, you can decide how many times you want to do the following.. get killed..respawn on your tactical insertion..and pick up your dog tags… the XP earned is incredible and many people do not know about this tip. You can sit near your tac insert and try to get as many kills as you can, and if you do end up getting killed, you know that you will be able to quickly pick up your own tags for 250-300 xp per time.  it adds up quickly if you find a nice spot.

One tip is to make sure your tactical insertion isn’t visible from the enemy; Place it where you might potentially get shot not the insertion. This way your enemies won’t realize you’ll spawn right there again.

Again, being tactical with your tactical insertion can make for a faster leveling up experience. This can potentially make your prestige advancement quicker and jump you up on the leader-boards.  If you handle the tactical insertion correctly, not only should you gain more XP than normal but you can get more kills… as you will find, surprising, your enemies isn’t too difficult and they get caught off guard, but this only works if they cannot see the tactical insertion.

Hope these tips can help you better to Modern Warfare 3 experience. Thanks for reading and until, next time, game on…



~ by benjieb on January 6, 2012.

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