Battle Tanx Global Flashback

BattleTanx_Global_Assault game box logoIt is the year 2001 and a woman by  the name of Cassandra has released a deadly virus into the world. The virus kills off all women in the world which sends everyone into a huge war. The war continues  until the dreaded nukes are used to vanquish everyone. Fast forward to 2006 and that is where Battle Tanx: Global Assault begins. You play as Griffin, leader of the Griffin’s Army. It is your job to take back baby Brandon (Grinffin’s son) from Cassandra before she can rule the world.

You will fight across the world in places like San Fransisco, England, Germany, Washington D.C., and France to get Brandon back. The maps are based around known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Route 66, and the White House. You will have access to 5 different tanks, each with their own special ability to fight off the other gangs. You will unlock a hover tank, Goliath tank, M1A1 Abrams tank and more. Throughout the maps there are little cubes that you can pick up. These cubes are special weapons that you can cycle through when you are fighting against your foe. Special weapons like a nuke, swarmer missles, mines and more.

I remember this game quite well. You were able to play the campaign with up to 4 people. Or you could go into a battle royal against each other. The multiplayer battles are all on the same maps that you will find in the campaign. I particularly liked the Co-Op campaign option for the game. I recently dug this game up from online with the N64 emulator I got. Playing the game on the keyboard is not as easy as the controller; but it still brings me back to when I played it on my old N64. I remember some of the levels quite well, knowing still where to turn to complete the mission. To me the game is still fun even though it is over 10 years old.

Sadly not long after this game was release the 3DO developers went bankrupt and where not able to make another game for the series. 3DO was not particularly good at writing a compelling story for their Battle Tanx games but they sure knew how to make an all out battle royal game fun.

I searched on Youtube and found these two TV commercials for both Battle Tanx and Battle Tanx: Global Assault. Check them out below:

Battle Tanx: Global Assault is definitely a game to remember for the ages. I hoped you enjoyed another classic N64 flashback, until next time Game On


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