John Marston & Zombies

Hello again everyone. I know I already did a post on Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare; but I picked it back up the other day and continued on my campaign. And I thought I write more on the game.

This game was an added downloadable expansion to Red Dead Redemption. I will have to say I loved that game and this one. Undead Nightmare is just a continuation of John Marston’s adventure; he returns home and his family turns into zombies. So he ties them up and runs out to find a cure. You will come across familiar faces from Red Dead Redemption, fighting your way through infested towns and across vast western terrain.

Ammo is very scares in this game. Instead of receiving money for good deeds you get ammo. The shotgun will become your best friend. Though I find the Blunder-buster, and exploding rifle more adequate for zombie killing. The Blunder Buster because the ammo is undead body parts that you pick up after you kill them (with a regular gun of course). The gun is only one shot and is slow to load but it very effective. The Blunder buster, like the exploding rifle, will blow away the zombies completely; just to level a big red cloud of undead blood. Each mission you do always has something to do with either capturing a zombie or collecting items to kill mass amounts of zombies. There is also missing person missions, where you have to bring back people to their loved ones. Rockstar games really knew what they were doing when they created this game.

While recently playing Undead Nightmare I came across one of the four mythical horses. The one I found is War, who is red with flames. Each horse has their own special characteristic. By default, all mythical mounts have unlimited stamina and extremely high health. However, any mythical horse can still be killed from direct damage to the head or extremely long falls. Mortality aside, each of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse possess somewhat unique attributes and physical characteristics, making them easy to discern from one another; as well as from normal and undead steeds.

  • Death: A pale horse trailing a mist of death in his wake. Extremely tough. Fast Speed.
    • Note: Will cause Undead’s heads to explode on contact.
  • War: A roan horse with a blazing mane, tail, and hooves. Extremely tough. Fast Speed.
    • Note: Will ignite enemies on contact.
  • Pestilence: A diseased white horse surrounded by a green miasma. Extremely tough. Fast speed.
    • Note: Will stun Undead for a few seconds on contact.
  • Famine: A scrawny horse surrounded by a swarm of locusts. Extremely tough. Fast Speed.

If you would like help in where to look for these mythical steeds click here to view the list on the Gaming How-To page. Happy mythical creature hunting.

I hope that you enjoyed my post. Visit the Gaming How-To page for more tips on other games you may have. And feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Until next time Game On…

Check out this trailer I created from gameplay of the Undead Nightmare.


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