Deep Into The Dark Void

Dark Void LogoThis Capcom published game packed an inventive punch when it was released. This single player game has the player running, gunning, and even flying their way through a compelling story. Dark Void created by Airtight Games, who used the Unreal Engine 3, released this high flying adventure in the beginning of 2010.

I would say this game was one that most everyone overlooked in the store. There is no multiplayer & no co-operative play.

But what got me interested in the game? Well I had a Game Informer magazine on the floor of my bathroom for months, and on the back of the magazine was as ad for this game. I saw it every morning for many days. Then one day at the game store I saw how cheap it was. I thought to myself, “I will give it a try, what will it hurt, if it sucks I can just return it.”

Dark Void

I returned home to find the game compelling and fun. The story is slow to pick up at first, playing mostly on foot. But as you progress you gain more techno goodies that you can use against your alien enemies.

The game takes place before WW2. You play a cargo pilot by the name William Augustus Gray (“Will”). While on a transport mission over the Bermuda Triangle his plane crashes. Will finds himself in a strange place. Eventually he falls into another domination called “the void”. The void is inhabited by an alien race who fights against other surviving humans in the void. Will helps the survivors fight against the aliens to escape from the void.

Throughout the game you will get a hover pack that you use to jump to higher places and even use to shoot enemies from the air. Towards the end of Act 2, of 3, in the game you will get a jetpack. All the weapons in the game are upgradeable, some even having exploding ammo. The transition between flying and shooting on foot is smooth. With the press of one or two buttons you can go from walking to flying high in seconds. You will even have the ability to high-jack enemy planes. You can do so with a short button mashing and joystick slinging mini game you can take control of an enemy craft quickly and easily.

Check out this trailer I created, it might entice you to buy the game. Though this video will just show you a small piece of the Dark Void pie.


So there you have it, Dark Void. I will have to say this game is fun to play through at least twice. It is not a very long game so a gamer with a free weekend should have no problem playing through it. So I would say this game is a RENTAL. Though if you love a good single player game it is worth picking up and playing again. I will say it is a 4 out of 5.

Good things about the game:

  • Story is compelling
  • Flying in the jetpack is easy and fun
  • cover system works great
  • Stunning scenery

And I don’t really have anything bad to say about the game. Other than it can be played through easily in a weekend. Wish there was more to it to bring me back to play the game again.

Thanks for reading and until next time Game on…

Here is an old game image from Wikipedia.

Dark Void Zero

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