Free-For-All-Know-It-All (MW3) /Using the MP7 and PP90M1

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My newest post is on playing Free-for-All in MW3.  The only option of play style available is regular, but if they made a hardcore version I’m sure I would be posting on that as well.  I am going to keep it simple and explain my playing style, the weapons and perks I use and anything I can think of that I feel helps me be the successful player I have become.  I still will lose the occasional match but for the most part when playing like I do, the success rate is high.

First of all, when playing Free-for-All or FFA, you want to use a silenced weapon.  The HUD will show your exact location when you shoot if your gun does not have a silencer.  The weapons I recommend and use most often are the PP90M1 or the MP7.  These guns have a low mobility decrease so you will be running fast, but do take up to 4 seconds to reload.  This is why you must equip your perks in the way best suited for these guns.  They both, for me, work best in the same way.  I like to equip attachment proficiency with the silencer and rapid-fire.

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When it comes to using perks, I am a diehard Blind Eye user.  There is nothing worse, for me, then getting killed by the predator missile or an attack helicopter, etc.  Also Blind Eye will stop Sentries from shooting at you.  Next what I usually equip is the Hardline Pro perk because when using the Specialist Strike Package, you want to earn them as quickly as possible to get 7 kills to attain the specialist bonus to earn all perks at one time.   Lastly, using Stalker Pro makes me successful, not only because I can move faster while strafing, but it also gives me a few extra seconds to get past Claymores, bouncing betty’s, and the I.M.S..  By using these perks you can stay away from un-necessary deaths and increase your chances of getting to 30 kills first.

Using the specialist strike package has it’s advantages and downfalls.  The main downfall is that you obviously cannot get any assault or support kill streaks (no pavelow’s getting 15 kills).  Instead, you’ll be a walking tank!! Using the specialist strike package and earning the specialist bonus will get you to the top of the leader board.  You will earn all of the perks in the game, and it will be obvious that you have become a force to be reckoned with.  You are a hard to kill target when you earn 7 kills using specialist.  The SMG’s I use require using Sleight of Hand, and the other two are your option but I use Assassin and usually Scavenger.   So pick these when creating your class and opting your perks for the specialist kill streaks.

Some play technique advice would be to never stop moving unless it is necessary.  Sometimes after taking a bullet you will need to regain some health by taking a moment camping.  Otherwise, try to get 7 kills as fast as you can to get that specialist bonus!!  Knowing the map is important, as well as knowing where the opponents generally will be.  Following predetermined routes is a good plan, instead of running around randomly, you will get a sense for the area and when to be in certain spots.

One last important piece of information is that YOU KNOW when the final kill is going to take place.  Once your score is 1450, it is one more to go.  I take advantage of this by using the throwing knife, etc to get those challenges only available on the game winning kill.  Go for a Tea-Bag, or a Semtex Stick, or if you really find someone camping you can place a claymore down and shoot it!

I hope reading this will improve your game play on MW3 and make it a little more fun.  Please feel free to leave comments or send a message for any questions and anything you would like a post about.  Game On!


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