Mario & Luigi are RPG Again

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga game boy box imageI am here today to tell you about Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. This game was released in 2003 in North American and Japan. It was the first game in the Mario & Luigi series. The Story of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga takes place in Beanbean Kingdom.

The story begins in Mushroom Kingdom in Princess Peach’s castle. Peach is visited by the ambassador of Beanbean Kingdom and her assistant. But wait that’s not the ambassador from Beanbean Kingdom it’s… Cackletta and her assistant. They suck out Peach’s voice and run off! Mario and Luigi come to Peach’s aid quickly. After more dramatic dialogue and after Bowser shows up they all realize that they must go after whoever hurt Peach. That is when the story begins.

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This game is one of THE BEST Game Boy Advanced (GBA) games of all time. If you like RPG games and have not played this one, I suggest that you do. With either your old GBA, DS, or in an emulator. Game play is simple in this RPG. You walk around in the many different areas of the Beanbean map finding your way to each goal. You must problem solve with the abilities you earn. This is key in the game when roaming the maps. But when it comes to fighting, again it is still simple. Enemies can only fight you if you run into them. In a fight everyone takes turns at attacking. You will also have items to use as a turn to replenish health or to heal yourself of poisons. When choosing what to do when it’s your turn is up to you. Mario and Luigi both have special “Brother Moves”, in which you hit a series of buttons to maximize your attack using both Mario and Luigi. Or you can attack solo. When it’s the enemies turn to throw their punches you get a chance to dodge or defend yourself from their attacks. Defending yourself from your enemy can determine how the battle will go. In long boss battles it is key to know how they strike and when it is best to avoid their attack. So in other words this game will truly test your strategy and timing skills. You will fight against 56 enemies in different combinations and 27 bosses.

This game will definitely provide you with hours and hours of entertainment. And it will surely challenge your gaming skills. Each boss is unique, and once you conquer them it’s definitely a moment of joy. I will give this a MUST PLAY mark. As well I will say this game is a solid 5 out of 5 rating. So pack this game along on any long road trip or fight. You will be so into the game you will be at your destination before you know it. Until next time Game on…


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