Save Your Boredom… Top 15 Mobile Games to Play

            Hello everyone. I know that I have posted a lot about console games. But I too get bored at work. Normally I only have my iPod touch with me to play games on. My iPod has a good collection of games that I really like. So I thought it would be best to share which ones I like with you. Maybe they will save you from boredom too. The games below are either FREE or only cost $.99, this time occupying titles will not break the bank. I will also warn you that these games are addicting and will drain a lot of battery power! So you better have a iPhone charger close by. But lets begin, (in no particular order) first on the list is:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Now Angry Birds is not a new game. Now there is versions for both apple and droid products (there is even an online flash version). Angry Birds has grown so popular that there are multiple themed games for Angry Birds. Such as Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. This addicting game has the player slingshot a select amount of wingless birds at pigs that are on or within various structures. Angry Birds  is developed by Rovio Mobile. It was first released in December of 2009. Not long after over 12 million copies were downloaded/purchased by people on their iPhones/iPods. This game can be truly praised on how well it has taken seed in our gaming world. And at the price of free – $.99 you can’t go wrong. The next game on the list is:

Cut the Rope

This game, created by a Russian developer (ZeptoLab) is a physics based puzzle game. I must say this game is as addicting as Angry Birds. It will surely fix your eyes to your mobile device for hours. The whole objective in the game is to maneuver a piece of candy, on a string, into the mouth of a cartoon monster. This game will rack your mind and surely save you from boredom. And at the price of $.99, again, you can’t go wrong with that. The next game on the list is:

Doodle Kart

This game is a top down style racing game. There is a free lite version of this game as well as a $.99 version. With the purchased version you will have access to 25 unique race tracks in 5 different environments. You can choose to upload an image to use as your car, such as your own face. And while in the race you have the chance to pick up items/weapons. The 7 items are picked up at random. There are also many different options at your disposal letting you choose how you want to race, change the screen orientation and your cars (speed, acceleration, & weight). This game is surely addicting and will keep you coming back to race again and again. Now the next game in the list is:

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

This game, developed by Halfbrick Studios is a hack and slash touch screen title that has occupied millions on many different platforms. It was first released in early 2010 on iPhone and iPod touch, quickly gaining popularity. By the end of 2010 it was also released on droid devices. Not only a year after that Fruit Ninja made it to the Xbox Kinect. All you do in this game is play any one of the three game modes and cut as much fruit in half as possible before your time/round is over. The more you play the more challenges you unlock which unlocks more blade styles and backgrounds. For only $.99 on iPhone and Droid I don’t see why you don’t have it already! The next game on the list is:

Jetpack Joyride

Was developed by the same people who created fruit ninja, Halfbrick. Jetpack Joyride has won many awards, including mobile game of the year  in 2011 and even best iOS game in 2011. This FREE app will have your playing for hours. You as Barry Steakfries, who with his jetpack has to get as far as possible through a science lab style level. All you do to play is tap the screen to go higher and release to fall. As you progress through the level you will have to avoid missiles, lasers, and zapper bands. All while collecting coins and trying to go the distance. There are also tokens that you can pick up in the level to have a chance at the perk slot machine. Some of the perks include more distance, a head start, bonus coins, and more. But wait there is more! There are also vehicles that you can pick up when floating through the level. Vehicles such as a bird craft, a dragon, teleporter, gravity suit, and more. The game doesn’t stop there either; there are also achievement challenges to earn to unlock more items for purchase. Items such as a new look for your guy, new jetpacks, perks, vehicle upgrades, and more. So get on your smart phone and download this app now! You will be hooked. Onto the next game:

Falling Gems

This game, developed by Rocha Software has had me hooked from the first day I downloaded it. This game is a simple match-three concept. Just match any three or more of the same color in any form to gain points. This insanely addictive game will have you coming  back time and time again to up your score even higher. This game is one the best time killing apps. The next game on the list is:

Sol Free

This game is for the card game lovers. Sol Free is a solitaire card game. And if you like spiderette it is in there too, plus more. Developed by Smallware this game will take your away from your solitaire game on your computer for sure. Non-the-less this game is fun and will kill some time. The next game on the list is:

Shanghai Mahjong

I love Mahjong tile matching games. But this one has to be the best one I have ever played. The game is only $.99 and is highly addicting. I have yet to run out of tile layouts to play and I have owned this game of over a year. Developed by MobileAge this game was released in 2009. With 200 layouts, 50+ tile sets, custom backgrounds, and windstorm mode this game will surely have you hooked. Shanghai won “Best Game” in 2009 and 3rd place for “Best App Ever” in 2010. So I will let you be the judge. The next game on the list is:

Zombie Farm

Do you ever get tired of killing zombies? Well the creators at Play Forge were thinking why not grow zombies. This game is similar to farmville in the sense that you farm crops to earn money. Each crop having an actual grow time in which you must harvest your crops before they die. But you can not only grow crops but also different kinds of zombies. You will use these grown zombies to invade other farms to collect more money and brains which can be used to purchase all kinds of things. Items such as bigger land, other zombies, modifications for the zombies, decoration items, and much much more. Here is a trailer video for you to enjoy.


If you love the battleship board game then Warships is the game for you. App version of the classic board game will have you pitting against the computer on three different difficulties or having a friend play against you through bluetooth connection. Developed by Edovia Inc., this game has been winning hearts all over. Each person rating it a 5 out of 5. You can even listen to your music while playing the game. Warships is a FREE app so if you have the space to store it, download it and play it! Back to the list, next is:


If you are sitting in the airport bored, and you have the desire to direct plane traffic yourself, then Runway is your game. You are an air traffic controller, and it is your job to get all the planes in the air to land safely, docked to reload, and refueled for the flight; all before sending them back into the air. This game is simple you just “click” on the plane and drag a line to the destination you desire it to go. Different levels add more stops for the plane; such as food restock, refueling, repair, and even box shipping. This game is fun and will surely kill some airport down time. There is a free and a purchase version available, and now they have a world tour title to play. So check them out! Now we are onto the next game on the list is:

Mancala FS5

This mancala game was developed by FlipSide5. Mancala FS5 is the best-of-breed Mancala game on the iPhone with multi-player support. Allowing you to play locally on one device, through bluetooth, and even online. There is of course a free and a purchased version of this game. The purchase version adds nothing new but the removal of ads that you have to wait through before beginning a game. This game provides different difficulties, marble count starting options, and even different themes. If you love the classic Mancala marble game then this is the best app to have. But next on our mobile game list is:

Gamebox 1

Would you like to purchase one app and have access to 40 games from that one $.99 purchase? Well Gamebox 1 allows you to do just that. Purchase this 99 cent game and it will come loaded with 40 games to choose from. The developers at Triniti Interactive Limited are always adding more games to this wonderful app. When I purchased this app they had 32 games to choose from, now they have 40. One of my favorites to play is the AC130 game. This app will surely provide a wide array or titles to choose from. Use caution when playing this app, it will drain your battery on your mobile device. But it will surely be fun to play though. Now onto the next title:

The Deep

This free pinball app for the iPhone/iPod will have you pushing the toggles for hours. For a free pinball game on the iPhone this one is by far the best one of them all; trust me I looked. You will not find a better pinball game for your mobile device. So stop looking and just get The Deep, you will be happy. Now we are at the last game on the list. I hope you have not run out of storage space on your mobile device yet. The last game is:

Words With Friends

Of course this game will make the list. This scrabble one on one style game has gotten everyone hooked from the first day it was released. Developed by Zynga games and was released in July of 2009 allows you to test your friends vocabulary. You can play this game with any of your Facebook friends that also have the game. I am sure you will be hooked as I was, trying to get the best possible combination of letters. And it is free to download as well, can’t go wrong there when your are trying to save yourself from boredom.

Well I hope that you enjoy my suggested app games for your mobile device. Download any or all of these games and I assure you that you will be bored no longer. Feel free to suggest the ones you enjoy below in the comments. Until next time Game on…


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