The Best Xbox Platform Game Ever


Psychonauts is a Xbox platform video game classic. Psychonauts was developed by Double Fine production and was released in April of 2005. This game won best original game in E3 ‘2005 Game Critic Awards. Game Shark says, “the best game to ever grace Xbox.” Gamespot dubbed it the best game no one played. Which saddens me that this great game was over looked by so many. Psychonauts is designed well, executed flawlessly, is load of fun, and has funny dialogue.

The game is set at a fictional psychic summer camp for kids called Whispering Rock. You play as Razputin, “Raz”, who is a the son of family circus performers. Raz runs away from the circus life, despite his dad’s wish, to attend the summer camp and learn how to become a psychonaut. As Raz sneaks into the camp he is caught by the psychonaut agents. The psychonauts contact his parents and despite their orders not to participate in the classes, they recognize his strong psychic ability. As Raz tries hard to learn all he can before his father shows up to pick him up he discovers that something strange going on in the camp. So with the help of Ford Cruller; who is an aged, psychic battle beaten psychonaut, Raz must restore order in the camp.

The levels in Psychonauts are cleverly designed, fitting each personality of each character you venture into. The camp is merely where you collect arrowheads (currency) and level up Raz with store items and challenge markers. But as you venture into the minds of those in and around the camp you really see how their minds work. As character Coach Oleander puts it, “you will engage the enemy in his own mentality, you shall chase his dreams, fight his demons and live his nightmares.” My most favorite and the most bizarre levels in the game are the ones in the minds of the insane asylum patents. Each level will test your use of Raz’s learned abilities, never letting up on the fun of the game.

Raz will learn many different psychic abilities such as levitation, confusion, telekinesis, and more. Each level that you earn a new ability you will use it throughout. You are allowed to program three abilities at a time using the R, Black, and White buttons. This allows you to strategize on which abilities will work best at different points of the level. You may have to use a more offensive approach in one area of the level, where you will fight a mini boss, and a more maneuverable approach when climbing and jumping through the level. Once Raz learns all the abilities he definitely has an arsenal much like a real psychonaut.

So I still can not believe how such a highly awarded game got looked over by so many. It was well designed and written, but commercially was a flop. It is games like these that makes happy to be a gamer. And overlooked games like Psychonauts is what truly sparked me to start this blog. Psychonauts is available for download on the Xbox live marketplace. So I highly encourage you to purchase and play this one of a kind platformer. Because I can assure you that is worth the cost. I personally have played this game time and time again. Check out the video trailer I created below if you are still not convinced.

Here is the official trailer for psychonauts to view if you are wanting to see more.

Until next time Game on…

Do you like Inception the movie? well I found a Psychonaut inception trailer. Watch and enjoy


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