The Best RPG Story Ever… Mass Effect

Mass Effect (video game)

The story began in 2007 when BioWare released Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. With the release of Mass Effect birthed a huge fan base that was only hungry for more of Commander Shepard and his team. That hunger was satisfied in early 2010 with the release of Mass Effect 2. In that three year dead period between the release of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, EA bought BioWare. Which in turn only helped BioWare with production. Even though fans were worried that their beloved Mass Effect series would be tarnished by EA. But BioWare developers ensured fans their beloved games would only get better. Now they have the funding to create an over the top story and game with Mass Effect 3, due to release March 6th of this year. I personally can not wait.

In this post I will not only talk about the upcoming Mass Effect 3 title but I will also give an over view of the Mass Effect series. Explaining some the games story basics, awards, and details. I hope you find the post informative and interesting.
Mass Effect 3

Having played both Mass Effect’s through at least 3 times each now I know that Mass Effect 3 will only raise the bar higher.  There already is a lot of talk about how good the game will be. If you are getting the Xbox title then you will have the chance to use an innovative voice command controls with the Xbox Kinect. Which will eliminate the player from having to scroll through so many menus when in gameplay.

But I am sure gamers out there are asking one question that has yet to be answered. Is there going to be vehicle missions in Mass Effect 3? So far I have not seen, read, or heard of any talk of vehicles for Mass Effect 3. If you recall that in Mass Effect you had to use the MAKO vehicle quite often through out the game. Which in turn halted some fans from playing the game again and again. In Mass Effect 2 they added a vehicle component with a downloadable patch. The HAMMERHEAD (Mass Effect 2 vehicle) was only for side missions that added experience points. But the HAMMERHEAD did not play as big of a role as the MAKO did in Mass Effect. So will Mass Effect 3 have a vehicle missions? Well I don’t think it will; instead BioWare has given players something else.

Players are probably wondering, will Mass Effect 3 have online play? Well I will happily say that BioWare has confirmed online gameplay. You will be able to play online with up to 3 other people in Co-Op scenarios. You will also be able to play as different character races that you never have before, such as Shepard’s teammates. You will also be able to choose different classes to play with as well. I found a trailer that will surely get you salivating over the up coming multiplayer. Check it out and please continue reading the article… Enjoy

With the release of Mass Effect 3, it will mark the end to this amazing gaming trilogy. So you know that BioWare is throwing all their chips on the table to develop a game that will surely be dubbed game of the year 2012. Be sure to keep an eye out for the downloadable demo on February 14th.

Mass Effect Details:

Commander Shepard is to stop a former specter, who is working with the reapers, from distroying the citdel and galactic life. In the end Shepard is successful in his venture, though he had to make some tough decisions along the way. These decisions actually rippled into Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2 Details:

The game begins with Commander Shepard on a mission for the alliance when all of the sudden an unknown ship comes out of nowhere and shoots the Normandy down. Shepard is then put back together by Cerbrus, who was Shepard’s enemy in Mass Effect. Cerbrus then informs Shepard of the collectors and their actions on the human colonies. Shepard, with Cerbrus’s help, is to investigate and stop the collectors. Through Shepard’s findings in his missions he finds out that the collectors were working with yet again, the reapers. After the end all, no return, mission Shepard returns home a hero.

Mass Effect 3 details:

Little has really been told about the story for Mass Effect 3. But what is known is that the reapers are tired of losing. And they are headed to Earth in full force and it is up to Shepard and his team to rally any and all galactic races to fight for Earth. There is a possibility that the choices you make in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will effect the gameplay in Mass Effect 3. So I suggest, choose wisely if you are thinking of playing through the games once more before the release of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect Trilogy Awards

So far Mass Effect has been an award winning series.

  • Mass Effect won “Best RPG”, and “Best New Game Series” at Spike Video Game Awards show in 2007
  • Mass Effect 2 won”Best Xbox 360 Game” in 2010 at the the Spike Video Game Awards. It was even named Best Game of 2010 by numerous gaming magazines. The game also won two Golden Joystick Awards, one for best RPG and one for best game overall, which were voted on by the public.
  • Both games received only the nest rating scores from all different game reviewers (such as IGN, Game Informer, and even X-play).

So no doubt that with the release of Mass Effect 3, will bring more awards to the BioWare name.

That is is for this Mass Effect special post. Thanks for clicking into The Average Retro Gamer blog Until next time Game on…


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