The Overlooked Star Wars Characters

Yes there are a lot of Star Wars games out there. Just recently released was Star Wars The Old Republic, an online PC game made by BioWare. But I am not here to talk about that game I am here to talk about Star Wars Republic Commandos. This game was released on Xbox back in early 2005 and was developed by LucasArts. This game puts you in the visor of an elite commando leader of the Delta Commando team in the republic army.  The Delta team is like the special forces of the U.S. military. These 4 elite clones are the only ones the republic army sends in when they need a covert and essential operation done.

The game begins with you in a cloning tank. The screen goes black and fades in with you in a visual trainer. Once you finish the “training” then you are introduced to your fellow squad members. You are Delta trooper 1138 (38), and on your team is 1262 (“Scorch”), 1140 (“Fixer”), and 1207 (“Sev”). Each one of your teammates are specialists in different trades of war. Scorch is best with explosives, Fixer is the best hacker, and Sev loves his firepower. With your team you will fight through 3 different worlds; Geonosis, Republic Assault Ship (RAS) Prosecutor, and Kashyyk. And though there are no Jedi’s in this title your commandos are badass enough to get the job done.

The gameplay has similarities with Metroid Prime (the HUD) and squad calling similar to Rainbow Six. It is easy to see all the necessary information you need to know like health of you and your squad and your ammo. There is an arsenal of guns at your disposal in this game. Such as the standard rifle, a laser pistol, shotgun, sniper attachment to your rifle, and more. You will run into all different kinds of enemies and challenges in your missions. So making use of the order calling system is key to survive. But don’t worry if you get shot down you don’t die. You can call your fellow brothers to help you up. Calling orders like blowing up a wall, hacking a door, or getting health is easy. Just point at the area and press the ACTION button. When the game is done you will surely be attached to the characters, seeing that you had been through so much in battle.

I do have a few complaints with the game though that I discovered when playing through the campaign. Your squad members jump out in front of your fire at times. Which is annoying because you can hurt them just as you can hurt the enemies. The campaign is really short; I was hoping for more once the game was done. While the game was fun I felt just when the excitement was picking up the game ended.

I  did read that a sequel to the game was already planned well ahead of production of Republic Commando. The game was to be titled Star Wars: Imperial Commando and was based on the Imperial commando units-the Empire’s elite ground combat troops, however the project only went as far as concept paintings, and was cancelled in 2004. Which is a shame because that game would have been as good or better than Republic Commandos.

Despite its short comings Star Wars Republic Commandos deserves credit. It is an old title but did make it to the backward compatible list for Xbox 360 in 2007. You can purchase the game online (Amazon) or probably at a local movie and game trade store. Star Wars republic commandos is truly a classic Star Wars game. If you have not played it before I suggest trying it out. Until next time game on…

Here is a video that I put together for you to enjoy and interest you in the game:


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