MW3 DLC1 Map Liberation

Modern Warfare 3 DLC 1 has dropped including two new maps and 5 new prestige levels.  The first map I would like to focus on here is Liberation.  It is based in Central Park, NYC and is a wide open map filled with many different vantage points and surprise routes. I enjoy this map, and I believe that Assault Rifles are the KEY for this map.  Sniper Rifles are great as well, because this map has sight-lines for days! Although this is very advantageous, it is my opinion that there are too many surprise routes for the sniper to become easily exposed.

Different sections of the map allow for different types of playing styles.  The Castle area allows for a mixed of close SMG style gun-fire, and AR madness.  However, once you cross the ravine there are many open areas to be easily spotted by a Sniper or someone on one of the mounted machine guns.

Here is a video of my game play on Liberation.  Hopefully watching the moves I make and using cover to my advantage can rub-off on you to make your game play more enjoyable.

Until next time GAME ON!!



~ by benjieb on March 2, 2012.

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