MW3 DLC1 New Map Piazza Gameplay

In the long awaited arrival of the first DLC for MW3 on PS3, I wanted to make a video for those non elite members, who have yet to play these maps.  Piazza is a fast-paced, heart pumping map, with countless levels and intertwining pathways.  Spots for cover are abundant, but due to the aggressive nature of the map, it is almost impossible to camp.  Great Success!!! Killstreaks go a long way and as much as I hate to say this, the UAV might be very useful for a few weeks until we all learn the maps.

My advice for gameplay will always stay the same no matter what map I am playing on, Run fast, keep it tactical and be smart.  Use cover when it is available when playing these new maps. Playing aggressive really takes people off guard and the ability to have a nice flow to your gameplay, in terms of movement, reloading, and assessing your surroundings.  This is extremely important on a map like Piazza where you can run in and out of cover.  Enjoy watching this video of an Assault Drone earned from a Care Package that gets used to its full potential.

Until next time GAME ON!!


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