Say Goodbye to the Silencer…Hardcore Free-for-All Has Arrived

As promised, I have returned with another installment of strategies and tips for improvement when it comes to playing free-for-all, otherwise known as FFA.  Now they have given us a Hardcore version of the same game.  This means many things and there are a few things I would like to point out that I feel could greatly improve your game-play.

My favorite tip is to lose your silencer.  Without the HUD or mini-map display, like in hardcore modes, it eliminates your visibility and gives no point of reference to your location besides the noise you hear within certain proximity of gun-fire.  This now allows you to use either a new attachment on your weapons or different proficiencies which could be more useful to you.

Another thing I like about HCFFA is that there is a spawn delay.  This means that no longer will you get a kill and then be shot by that person from behind two seconds later.  I’ve noticed the average spawn Regen times to be approx. 5-7 seconds, which will give you plenty of time to reload and rethink your position and strategy to move on to your next victim.  Learning spawn points might be a whole new segment, but knowing the spawns by just playing the game and using what you learn can greatly improve your KDR and comfort-ability within each map.

Again, this is Hardcore.  Health is miniscule and the faster you are to get those 1-3 shots on target, the more likelihood you have of getting that kill and moving on to the next one.  There is no health-regen, so get used to some blood-covered screens, but try to move fast and make the best of every life.

Until next time..Game ON!


~ by benjieb on March 2, 2012.

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