Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

GTA 4 Expansion game cover

This is a must buy. The extensions added , “The Ballad of Gay Tony” and “The Lost and Damned” are great additions to GTA IV, because they brought a few new things to the game play that you are not used to in main Niko story.

The Ballard of Gay Tony adds new helicopters, cars, weapons, parachutes and many more abilities not originally available in GTA IV.  The HUD now displays your position above sea-level, for base-jumping and parachuting. The Buzzard is the new helicopter which is equipped with dual-mounted Gatling guns as well as missiles that fire from the underbelly. Using the cheat codes to spawn the Buzzard is one thing I recommend.  The missions also bring back some style of San Andreas, just wild and crazy type missions like fighting your way to the front of a moving train while on top, taking gun-fire from all around. I really enjoyed the Ballard of Gay Tony episode of GTA IV expansion pack. Though the expansion doesn’t end there. The developers of Rockstar added two expansion stories.

The Lost and Damned is for people who love the motorcycle aspect of GTA. I feel as though Rockstar refined the ease of use for the motorcycles because they seem to function easier and with less tosses off the bike.  In the Lost and Damned story you are the member of a biker gang involved in many illegal activities. One aspect of this I like is how you can call on fellow gang members to come get your back when you’re in trouble.  This although must be earned through completion of missions, and gaining trust of your fellow gang members.  The weaponry is hardcore with nasty shotguns to choose from.  One thing to mention, that I disliked, is that while riding with your gang, you are required to stay in formation.  This can be frustrating and is very different from TBoGT and GTAIV.  Much of what I enjoy about GTA series is finding the random, off-story, and interesting things about the game.  

All in all the complete edition for GTA IV is a must have for any game collection. You will spend many hours and hours of fun in this game. Even after all the missions have been completed the game still has secrets to find, thanks to Rockstar.

Rockstar games ALWAYS hide secrets and Easter eggs in their games. GTA IV is no exception; GTA IV has numerous secrets hidden all over liberty city. If you would like to see a video and a link to where these secrets are located then CLICK HERE and visit the GTA IV on the Gaming How-To page to find out more.

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