Fable A Classic Trilogy

Once upon a time, in a far away fictional land, a hero was born. That hero is destined to save the world he/she lives in or send it into chaos. A story of a unsung hero began with the release of Fable back in 2004 on Microsoft’s Xbox system.


Fable was a highly anticipated RPG game. It was released in late 2004 and changed the way people saw RPG’s. Instead of the traditional turn based style that most RPG’s were at that time, Fable ushered in real time fighting with the ability to level your character up like you would in a regular RPG.

The story begins with you as a boy or girl who witnesses his/her family getting murdered. Then you are saved be a mysterious man who takes you to a local guild where you learn to fight like a hero. You grow up and with your training you venture out to find answers. Throughout the game you are to make choices that will impact not only your appearance but also who people look at you. If you choose to be evil then when you walk through a town people will run away from you in fear. Though I have only mentioned just a small piece of what Fable has to offer I will explain what I did and did not like about the game.

Fable has a lot going for it. You can marry people no matter what gender. Buy houses, have kids, and even steal from people and shops. No matter what path you choose the game is fun. Both being good or evil has its perks. Your character can get scars as he/she ages, not to mention the customization of your character with all the different clothing, hair styles, and tattoos. The fighting in this game is smooth. There are all different kinds of weapons to choose from. For long range weapons you had a bow and arrow. You can also be a master in magic spells. This game does provide a lot of quests, main story and side quests, which range from too easy to not so easy difficultly. My most favorite quest is the arena, where you fight against numerous enemies and with each level they get harder.

Pros and Cons of Fable

Pros in Fable are the spell casting is like non of the other Fable games after it. The spells can make you a bit of a “badass” especially if you are evil. You can shot or cut off the heads of your enemies; blood will squirt out and you can kick their head around like a soccer ball. As far as cons go, there are secret doors that require tasks to be completed in front of the door to open. Inside is usually a special potion or weapon. While cleaver, the doors speak in riddles so some of the doors it is hard to really know what they want to see in order to open. But Fable 1 was only the beginning.

Fable II

Fable II

Fable II was released in late 2009, 5 years after the original. So needless to say Fable fans were eager to see this title. Fable II was also developed by Lionhead Studios, and Peter Molyneux was also the creative director for this title. Fable II was shown to the public at E3 with a demonstration of the new Xbox live co-op feature. Now with the fable story you were able to share the experience with and friend, even visit his home and kill his wife if you really wanted to.

The story in Fable II is much like the story in Fable 1, though it is set 500 years after the original Fable story. You witness the death of someone close to you, some how you survive and seek revenge. Fable II has some interesting quests and with the addition of a dog companion who helped charm people you flirt with, find dig spots, and even help kill enemies. Fable II doesn’t really add more than that to the formula. What they did add was work, You could put your character to work in the blacksmith, at the bar, etc. to earn money by pressing a single button at the right time. The more you worked the more you leveled up which means more money that multiples as you work. You could also get statues made of yourself, you could choose any expression pose to immortalize yourself throughout Albion. If you are a gambling man, Fable II added games to play at different bars throughout the world.  But for now I am just going to skip the pros because honestly I was just disappointed in this game.

No Pros, but the Cons for Fable II 

So my negative thoughts on this game go as such: The fighting is virtually the same except that instead of a bow and arrow you have rifles, pistols, and crossbows to use. The spell casting system totally changed. You have to charge up your spells to get a greater effect, which at times takes too long in the middle of a fight; as you charge your spells they can change depending on the spells that you have leveled up. So more often than not, you are hacking and slashing away at your enemies than throwing a shock spell at them. The golden trail that is supposed to show you where to go on your quests glitches more than showing you the right way to go. So needless to say this game did not live up to the 5 year wait that Fable fans where hoping for. But yet it still made enough money for the developers to go ahead and make a 3rd game for the series.

Fable III

Fable III was released in late 2010 by again, Lionhead Studios. The story is set only 50 years after the Fable II story. But Albion is somehow totally different still. Fable 3 differs from the previous titles in a huge way. Half of the game you are going on quests, fighting against enemies, and building relationships with all the different people in Albion. Once you fight your way back to the castle that your brother has taken over then you become king. Once king you are expected to make decisions that will either make you good or evil, save or hurt many people in Albion. I assume that Lionhead Studios thought this was a grand idea, but I think that half of the game is fun while the other half is dull with mostly dialogue.

I will give the game credit where credit is due. Again you have a dog companion, not to mention you will have people to “babysit” on some quests. The game is simple, you complete your quests to move towards becoming king and once you are king then you make more choices to keep or break promises you make with those who vow to help you fight against your brother.

Cons of Fable III

There are some cons to this Fable edition though. There is no traditional pause screen, instead they send you to this sanctuary where you can manage your property, equip weapons, and do everything you would otherwise in a pause menu. I would much rather have a menu screen than be teleported to some place where I have a butler telling me where to look through all the complicated rooms to find what I really needed. Again the golden trial is back and still glitches. There is no good or evil attributes until you become king and your decision making is over. As far as replay value for Fable 3 goes, it is more than Fable 2. But still not high on my replay list.

Conclusion of the Trilogy

So in conclusion the Fable trilogy is one to remember in gaming history. Each title has its ups and downs. But overall I say forget about picking up 2 or 3 and just stick with playing Fable and/or Fable The Lost Chapters. It is available for purchase and download on Xbox Live Marketplace, off the internet, and if you are lucky at a local gaming trade store. I hope you enjoyed my long, good and bad, explanation of the Fable trilogy; until next time Game On…


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