Did Mass Effect 3 Live Up to The Hype?

Mass Effect 3 was recently released on Tuesday March 6th for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. My first thoughts about the single player story were WOW! That is why today I am just now writting a review. I couldn’t bring myself to put the controller down long enough. With every mission my jaw drops.

My thoughts are that this Mass Effect title are that it should earn every bit of a 5 out of 5. The storytelling is like no other. All the original voice actors are back. Seeing and meeting Shepard’s old friends is comforting, though only a small handful actually fight by your side. The graphics are stunning, in the Mars mission you can clearly see a huge dust storm cloud in the distance. And the Citadel has never looked better.

BioWare really wanted to tap into the emotional side of Shepard in this title. I say they pulled it off. With Shepard’s dreams about the little boy he saw die on Earth and the relationships that he rekindles with old companions. With each visit to the Citadel allows you to talk to your crew. Such as talking with Liara about her memories of her mom, or target practice in a strange place with Garrus. And with the new graphics, character appearances, and each character you see in the game has never looked so real and alluring. The game in it’s entirety is nothing short of stunning.

The Normandy went through some upgrades after being taken from Shepard and Cerbrus. Now there are more rooms that better serve Shepard’s needs for Mass Effect 3. So in other words the Normandy has never been better. I suggest that you walk everywhere you can on the Normandy because you just might find some model ships and even a little critter if you can catch it. With all these visual and story upgrades how is the combat and weapons?

The weapons and combat upgrades for Shepard are amazing to say the least. There are tons more weapons to choose from and no longer are you limited by what weapons you can use with what class. The Omni tool also got a blade upgrade. So now Shepard can engage in close combat with no problem. BioWare added a customization of weapons feature. You can now add bigger clips, scopes, bigger barrels, and more to your weapons. Though each weapon only has two slots to fill with upgrades. With all these choices you can now be more strategic with your weapon selection. Like adding a lightweight material to your SMG to cut weight which will ultimately help with power recharge time. So with each mission the right choice of weapons and team can change the course of battle.

As you walk or run through the vast Mass Effect worlds you can over hear a lot from the people that are just standing around. So far I have not seen much use for a vehicle in Mass Effect 3, but as I approach the final battle I shall see. I did over hear two crew members on the Normandy arguing whether the MAKO or the HAMMERHEAD was the better vehicle. My personal opinion on that subject is neither. You do use the drop shuttle more and it too has some new tricks up it’s sleeve. So what did BioWare take away from the previous title that most fans hated?

Well no longer will you have to scan planets for minerals. The alliance provides Shepard with all the money he needs to purchase new upgrades, armor, and weapons. As far as bypass puzzles, they are history. So now you can just focus on battle at hand.

Also one thing I have noticed that has baffled me was how will the decisions made throughout the series play out in the game. I will say that the previous decisions made by your character, especially if played through the 2 previous titles, does have an effect in Mass Effect 3. Such as, if you kill the Rachni queen or not. I will not say more so’s not to give some major plot points away. So we have established that Mass Effect 3 is a great game but is there flaws in such a perfect game?

Well I have actually find some flaws in Mass Effect 3, sadly. There are times in the middle of conversation that people will just vanish. The “camera” will be on them, you will hear their voice, but they will not be seen for some reason. But this is just a minor flaw that I am sure BioWare will fix with the  next update.

Mass Effect 3 is an amazing title. By far the best of all the Mass Effect titles and it seems to be a top contender for a game of the year title. Stay tuned for more game reviews, posts, tips, and flashbacks. Until next time Game On… I am going to get back to playing Mass Effect 3. I will leave you with a few videos to watch if you are still on the bench of whether to shell out the money for the game or not.


~ by rjslick88 on March 10, 2012.

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