Mass Effect Multiplayer, Success or Failure?

Note that this post will include multiplayer review, details about the Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘From Ashes’, and more.

With the arrival of the new Mass Effect game in a gamers world like today; games are not usually great games unless there’s some kind of multiplayer. BioWare finally came up with their unique brand of multiplayer. I would like to begin by saying that Mass Effect Multiplayer is every bit of inventive and unique as Assassins Creed multiplayer was upon it’s release.

Earth and the Mass Effect Galaxy is under attack by the reapers and more than ever forces are needed to fight the enemy. While Shepard is fighting and reuniting species across the galaxy, soldiers are needed to fight against the enemy across the galaxy, Shepard can’t do it alone. That is where Mass Effect multiplayer comes in. You have the choice to choose from the different kinds of classes to fight as. Whether you prefer Vanguard, Sentinal, Infiltrator, Engineer, Adept, or Solider it is there for you. And as you fight successfully your war readiness will grow. The more you play the better chance that Shepard has in his final fight against the Reapers.

Now that I have completed the campaign once for Mass Effect 3 and I was stunned by the ending. I will not spoil the ending here, but check for a new spoiler page (coming soon) if you really want to know the end.

I started a multiplayer character. I choose a human adept. And after about 5 matches he is already a level 10. So leveling up your character does not take too long. My thoughts on the multiplayer gameplay are that it’s solid. You and 3 other people have to survive 10 waves plus 2 minutes for extraction all the while killing enemies and completing objectives. Multiplayer can be really fun with the right people.

After only one night of playing I was surprised to play with people that have never heard of Mass Effect before. One person I played with was only renting the game! And two other people I played with had yet to play through the campaign! And those guys were talking trash to me because I was a Vanguard for that mission. That just goes to show you that EA and BioWare did a good job at creating a title that fans and newbies of the title will like. I think that with the edition of the multiplayer BioWare skimped on side missions and downloadable content (as compared to ME2).

DLC ‘From Ashes’

If you were one of the lucky once that got their hands on the Collectors edition of Mass Effect 3 then you already know how cool the DLC character is.

But for those who did not get the collectors edition BioWare released, for $10, a downloadable mission, character, weapon, and appearances. That character is Javik, a Prothean soldier.

Though the mission to unearth Javik is easy, nothing more than a few Cerberus soldiers and running to a few computers. He does provide you with information and knowledge about the Prothean race that was never told before in previous Mass Effect titles. Javik is a good fighter in battle, using mostly biotic powers like slam and pull. Shepard can also purchase the slam ability for himself. While all this is cool BioWare didn’t add nearly as much downloadable content as they did for Mass Effect 2. Rather, since BioWare is partnered with EA, they added a few add on’s, like armor, weapons, and multiplayer perks. Visit this page to view all the the DLC from all the Mass Effect games, Click here. For Mass Effect 3 if you have played Battlefield 3, then you will find some perks in multiplayer. If you downloaded and played the Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning and completed it then you will find new armor and weapon for your fight in the campaign. Or if you purchase certain collectables of Mass Effect 3, such as an art book or action figure, then you can redeem the codes to gain multiplayer perks. It is interesting how BioWare and EA marketed this title and additional perks. Is this how all games will be in the future? I am unsure of this but either way it is an inventive marketing technique.

Throughout the campaign Shepard has to fight a lot of enemies all for the cause for the war. There are only a few side missions in Mass Effect 3. These missions are the N7 single player missions that the achievements/trophies refer to. Other than these Shepard has to risk the Normandy in Reaper territory to find war assets by scanning the systems for planets to probe. While this is better than scanning planets for minerals, it does become annoying having to wait through so many loading screens when jumping from mass relay to mas relay while dodging the Reapers.

Mass Effect 3 With Kinect

I popped in my copy of Mass Effect 3 into my families Xbox that has an Xbox Kinect. One of the features with the Xbox 360 title is voice commands with the Kinect. So while in game play you can just call out powers, commands,switch weapons, and even conversation choices without having to press a button. It is really cool aside from you speaking to your TV. The Kinect does well to recognize what you are saying though there is a slight delay in the action. I personally have been used to playing though all the Mass Effect games so it is more than second nature to just press the quick select buttons of pause the action to use the power wheel. Though I don’t really have the need for this feature, I will say that it does speed the action up in the game making it easier to use commands, powers, and to open doors. Not to mention you can speak what you want Shepard to say while being able to set the controller down in conversations. I will recommend the Kinect voice feature if you so happen to have the Xbox Kinect.

Overall my impression of Mass Effect 3 is a 5 out of 5. EA not only used cleaver marketing tools to get fans to play more EA titles but also to add more to the Mass Effect 3 experience. If you are a true Mass Effect fan like I am, you really want to get your hands on all the cool little additions to the game that not everyone may have. So if you are buying Mass Effect 3 because of the story of for the multiplayer you’ll surely find this game enjoyable. Until next time Game On…


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