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Today, I would like to talk about the game mode, Domination, for MW3 on Xbox and PS3. This game type is available in Hardcore Ricochet and Regular Core modes. There is one strategy I follow when playing MW3, and a small variety of classes that I use when playing Hardcore Domination. I rarely play regular Domination, but all of the tips I outline here will be useful in both Hardcore and non-Hardcore Domination.

Class choice is very important when playing Domination. There are a few things which give you a clear advantage against the other team, securing the lead, and holding down locations. To do this the most effective way, you need to know if you are on a Big Map, where Assault Rifles rule, or a small map, where SMG’s and fire rate are important. You have chosen your primary weapon, and for a secondary I will recommend the MP9 or your favorite launcher. Launchers will help you defend objectives, whether you can choose and target or blast fire in the general area of the flag, when used right the launcher can be very effective, especially in hardcore mode. As far as perks go, I would recommend using Sleight of Hand Pro, Assassin Pro (or Hardline Pro), and Stalker Pro. Equip the trophy system and deploy when capturing locations. This will stop 2 enemy projectiles, whether they are grenades or launchers, you will be safe.

The strategy I always aim to use is called Spawn Trapping. The goal of Spawn Trapping is to Capture 2 locations (for example: A and B) and let your enemy have one location(C)(although, preferably not B). If you and your team stay far enough outside of the enemy location(C), they will only spawn right there at and around that flag(C). The enemy team will continue to try to escape their spawn, running non-stop to you, as you waiting for them outside the spawn. This is the most effective way to take advantage of the Spawning system MW3 uses. It keeps them spawning in only one location, so you will know where they are coming from at all times. Make sure to keep in good communication with your team. If one route clears for the enemy, they will try to capture a location, so telling your teammates about your deaths is important. If your team holds down 2 locations for the whole map there is no way you can lose. This technique takes the guessing out of the spawn system for MW3.

Another Key is to get those kill-streaks. Having an attack helicopter, predator missiles, and care packages equipped can give you many opportunities to defend your locations, as well as get your Kill/Death Ratio moving up.

Now, this technique is for experience players who like action, up close fire-fights and usually come out on top. If I have confidence that my team can defend out locations, and is effectively using the Spawn Trap technique, then what I will do is advance into their spawn, not trying to capture their held location(C), but simply running and gunning aggressively looking for kills. You must be on your toes when trying this because the enemy team will be spawning all over you. SMG’s are crucial here, along with Stalker Pro. Strafe Shooting can help you win any fire fight and that is exactly what stalker pro allows you to do.

I believe that using these tips can make you successful, I have been using these techniques since I learned them, and have since then, been quite successful winning matches. It is important to have a good group of 6 when playing, this allows you to keep in communication, as well as keeps the unwanted slacker of your team. I hope that this helps with your MW3 gameplay and enjoyment, because as you know, this game is only fun when you are on the side that does the ass-kicking. Until next time, Game ON!


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~ by benjieb on March 17, 2012.

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