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Hello readers, we finally made it to post 50. So far we have posted about games new and old. We hope to bring you nothing but more video gaming classics, tricks, secrets, and more. For this special post both Benji and myself are going to talk our first memories of gaming.


I can just remember my first experience with a video game system. It was Christmas morning, I was 5, I ran downstairs to see what Santa brought me. Santa did not disappoint, he brought me a Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. Inside that box was a controller, laser gun, and the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt game. I remember firing it up with my dad beside me and aiming the gun at the screen and shooting every duck I saw come one screen. That whole morning after all the presents were opened, my dad and I took turns to see who would get the better score. I think he let me win at times. That morning my love for video games began.


I have many fond memories that involve video games. Not only all the fun times I have had playing games with friends online and over at my house, but back-in-the-day when video games were not a mainstream thing. The earliest memories I have involving video games were the many nights my father would wake me up in the middle of the night to play Super Mario Bros. on Regular Nintendo. It was so awesome to me, not only because it was new and exciting, but because my father really enjoyed those times as well. I was just a little one and not allowed to play video games past my bed-time, but my dad made sure that didn’t happen. We would play two-player sometimes and other times we would take turns on each level or by life. It is a memory that really has stuck with me, those times in general, and I know that is why I like playing video games.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about our first video game experience. We appreciate our followers for coming to read all of what we have to say. We do our best to bring a variety of games to the views; whether it is new or old. Also thank you fans for sharing your thoughts with us;d without our fans we wouldn’t have grown like we have. So thank you all again, please search around for games you like or may never have seen. Trust me we are not stopping at 50 posts, we have only just begun. Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Tell us what you hope to see us report on, new or old. Until next time Game on…


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