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One day I was watching TV and I saw a commercial for a game online. That game is called Grepolis. The commercial sparked my interest enough to go onto the site and check it out.

Grepolis is a strategy based browser game. Once create a username and choose where you will start your polis, the game takes you through a tutorial. Once you learn the ropes of Groplis you will find the game objective is very simple, build up your city and army. After building up enough troops, ships, and resources you can venture out of your city to attack other players cities for their resources. Sounds like a fun game right?

Immagine nave coloniale Grepolis

Grepolis is free to play. But you can purchase gold coins for $$$ to speed up the development of your city. Without gold you can only expand the level of your buildings 2 at a time. And with each expansion level you have to wait actual time for the building to be be finished. As you expand everything in your city you have to keep the free population and resources in mind. Building a strong city and army takes time. The more time your put into the game the stronger your city can be.

Since there are other real players in the Grepolis worlds you have to not only think offensively but defensively. In Grepolis players can create or join in alliances with other players. Once in an alliance you have more connections to troops and resources. So choose who you side with wisely, not everyone may come to your rescue when you need it most.

Grepolis has a lot going for it. It truly is a browser game packed full of features and options for players. Only down side being that you have to wait actual time to play the game. But if you login daily to build up your city and army then I think you will enjoy the game. I personal play Grepolis while I am bored at work. So far I have started 2 cities in different worlds; started my own alliance in one world; and after playing for about a month this game has yet to become boring. I give this browser game a two thumbs up. Grepolis is defiantly a game to check out.

If you would like to play with me in Grepolis leave a comment below and I can send you an email invite for a city close to mine. Or you can check it out yourself and search me out. My Grepolis username is KingHP860 and my cities are in the Juktas and Nu worlds.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time, Game on…


Post gaming comments about this game. People who have played this game for a long time are ruthless to those who are just getting started and are alone. I had a world that I had been working on for months just taken from me in one fail swoop before I could act against the attacker. So I finally got so fed up with being attacked be all different kinds of players who had much bigger and multiple cities I quite the game. I advise those who are thinking of starting this game, quite before you begin!


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