Mass Effect 3 Resurgence

Since Mass Effect 3 released to the world it has got nothing but perfect scores from all different game reviewers. Bioware added a single player DLC upon its release. Now month later Bioware wow’ed their Mass Effect fans once again with a new multiplayer DLC pack. They called the new DLC the Resurgence pack.

The Resurgence pack was released on April 10th. In the pack you got new maps, characters, weapons, and equipment to earn. Lucky for Mass Effect fans Bioware made this DLC free to players. But how are the new maps? What are the new weapons like? And how cool are the new characters? I downloaded the pack myself to find the answers.

New Maps

In the Resurgence pack players receive two new maps to play on. These maps are named Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra.

The Condor map is a Turian warzone outpost. The map looks similar to the single player mission on Palaven’s moon. The graphics on Condor are stunning. From time to time you will hear attack ships flying overhead. Up in the sky you can see Palaven burnning from the Reaper invasion. This map is all on a hill side, so it can be ideal for people who like to snipe. Condor is all new and all kinds of fun no matter what class you play as.

The Hydra map is  an abandoned Quarian colony that has since been converted to an enormous power station. This map has a big open layout with plenty of places to take cover. In the background you can see a waterfall flowing on the backside of the map. Also a big blue power orb, the heart of the station. This map is great for any class. Fighting any enemy will be fun.

Protecting these two locations is crucial to taking on the Reapers and other enemies.

New DLC Weapons

Bioware added 3 new weapons to the multiplayer arsenal. Sorry that these guns are not available for single player. But on the bright side you will probably shoot more enemies with these weapons in multiplayer than you would in single player. The guns Bioware added are:

  • Striker Assault Rifle – Developed by Krogans, this rifle fires deadly explosive rounds. Its rate of fire increases the longer the trigger is held. Great for suppressing fire and crowd control.
  • Kishock Harpoon Gun – Deadly one-shot Batarian weapon. Launch lethal harpoons at your enemies and cause bleed damage over time.
  • Geth Plasma SMG – Fully-automatic Geth submachine gun. Similar to the Striker Assault Rifle, this Geth SMG’s rate of fire ramps up the longer it’s fired. Make sure to equip an SMG Magazine Upgrade to unleash an unstoppable barrage of plasma.

So far I have only unlocked one of these guns, the Geth Plasma SMG. I will say that I like this SMG better than any other SMG. But to unlock all the bells and whistles with this DLC be prepared to play a lot. The Resurgence pack is 99,000 credits to purchase or you can  just stay with buying the Spectre pack which is still 60,000 credits. By purchasing the Resurgence pack you are guaranteed the DLC perks. By purchasing a Spectre pack the likelyhood of unlocking something from the Resurgence pack is less likely; but you still can receive something rare. Either way you will have to work for the good stuff.

New DLC Characters

Most definately the best part of this DLC is the new multiplayer characters. Two new races were added in this pack, the Geth and Batarians. So each class gets their own new character, and here is the list of the characters you can unlock:

  • Asari Justicar Adept – By the code, you will annihilate your enemy. Use the new Biotic Sphere ability to protect your allies and unleash deadly biotic powers to rip the opposition apart.
  • Batarian Soldier – Get up close and personal with the Ballistic Blades and Blade Armor abilities. The Batarian Soldier is an expert at being on the front lines and pummeling the enemy into submission.
  • Batarian Sentinel – Trap enemies with the Submission Net then unleash on them when they are unprotected. As with other Sentinels the Batarian can use tech and biotic abilities, ensuring he is prepared for any situation
  • Geth Infiltrator – Ever wanted to be the ideal infiltrator class. Now you can with as a Geth. Cloak, sneak up on enemies and scan them through walls with Hunter Mode. And with the perfect sniper rifle you will rip through enemies.
  • Geth Engineer – Be a Geth power house. Drop a Geth Turret and keep the pressure on your foe, all the while recharging your team’s shields. The Geth Engineer is a great support and utility character, key to any squad’s success.
  • Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard – FOR TUCHANKA! You might find yourself yelling your best Krogan battlecry. Use the Biotic Charge ability to knock your foes sensless. To help protect yourself in the heat of battle, activate the Biotic Barrier ability and become the ultimate Battlemaster. Don’t forget to load your shotgun


Each class is really fun and helpful against any enemy you choose to face. I personally like fighting the Geth with a Geth. But I am sure you will have your own personal favorite as you unlock the characters. I hope to see you out there in the fight.

But wait, the DLC still has more, with purchasing any of the reinforcement packs you will have the chance to unlock some of the new consumables. This included the Strength Enhancer, Targeting VI, Shield Power Cell, and Stabilization Module.

Bioware really went all out for this multiplayer DLC, and I am glad they did. The ending of the single player campaign disappointed many fans but it is really the multiplayer that is keeping them interested. I hope to see in the future maybe one more new map or more special reinforcement pack weekend events. Which will keep gamers interested in playing Mass Effect 3 long after it’s release. Until next time game on…

I shall leave you with a trailer for the DLC Resurgence pack


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