No COD Camping Please!!

Today I would like to talk about a problem with the COD series. As time passes after it’s release, people either become successful playing the game, like it should be played, or they do not succeed and try to find other ways to play. Some people fall on the downside of this spectrum, and feel like camping is a good strategy. This is false on so many levels. There are disadvantages to staying in one spot, and I want to explain these in order to stop the perpetuation of this horrible habit people are coming accustomed to.

My main weapon to use when dealing with campers is C4. What I enjoy doing when killed by a camper, is to call out their location and ask my teammates not to go near them. I will then approach them carefully, as other players might have spawned close to them, and then throw C4 right next to them, and completely embarrass them. They somehow do not realize that when they get a kill, people will know exactly where they are. This is why I completely do not understand WHY people play like that. It makes no sense to sit in one place, and think that strategy will work. Even when playing hardcore mode, when you get killed the camera will point exactly towards the enemy who killed you for a second. This will show you their location and you will be able to throw C4 or anything else to destroy them.

Bottom Line – Camping will make you look like a fool! You might be able to grab a kill or two here and there, but you will be humiliated by someone like me, who can use the equipment and skills in the game to get around you, and get Payback!

Game On!


~ by benjieb on April 25, 2012.

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