The Car That Jame Bond is Jealous of

That’s right everyone, Spyhunter. Though this game title was for a 1983 arcade game, I will be talking about the remake. in 2001/2002 Midway games released this Spyhunter. Midway released this game on all platforms: Xbox, PS2, GBA, and even PC.

Spyhunter is all about driving in your spy car. Not only can your car be a car, but also a boat, and a motorcycle when the car shell is damaged. You will have to drive fast, stay in control, and SHOT all at the same time. The missions are linear. You start at one end and will have objectives to complete in different sections of the mission track. At first your car has machine guns and oil slick equip. But throughout the game you will unlock smoke screen, trackers, flamethrower, and missiles.

This game is fun; Midway really did a good job at designing this title. While the missions are fun, they are similar. You will drive through down the road while placing trackers on cars, blowing up towers or important enemies, and you have to do this without killing civilians. Each level does have its own difficulties at times. The levels are long and will have you driving through all different towns/cities. So you will have plenty of time in both car and boat modes. One mission I remember well is one that happens in like a swamp bayou. In that mission you have to drive your car as a boat and drive up on ships that are wrecked and sticking out of the water to complete  objectives. This game is truly an action packed title.

While a hard copy of this game is still available online. If you have the PS2 edition then you could play it on an older PS3 console. Same with the Gamecube copy and Wii. The original Spyhunter is not available to be backward compatible for Xbox 360. In my opinion if you played this game once it was enough. Though the success of this game did spark the production of 2 more titles and a movie.

If you would like to ask more about this title or any other title feel free to leave a comment below. And as always thank you for reading the Average Retro Gamer Blog. Until next time game on…


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