The Best Sandbox Games Ever

Just got my hands on a mod copy of Minecraft. So far I have played countless hours into the night building and designing the coolest things I can think of.

What is Minecraft? It is an open source, sandbox style game where players start in a massive world all made of bricks. There is no limit to what you can build in this game. If you want to build a volcano on top of a floating island, you can.

There are many different versions of the game available, all for free online at If you love games with no limits then you have to download this one. Because once you begin your world you will surely be unable to leave it without missing it.

There are two different kinds of game modes for Minecraft (creative and survival). These two modes are completely different. In a creative world you don’t have to worry about health, eating, crafting materials, or even mining either. A creative world is just for those who want to experiment with creating the biggest and coolest structures. I have seen on youtube, videos of entire cities that were built. On the other hand survival mode is a beast all in its own.

Once you start a survival world you will see that you have nothing to work with. So follow the title and start mining whatever you can find. At night you will have to hide from creatures that will attack you. Don’t worry about not having stuff to do while at night because there is always somewhere you can mine or something you can craft. Knowing the basics of crafting and smelting before you begin will certainly help you progress quickly. One great thing about this game is that no matter what there is always something to do in the world you live in. The thrill of digging deep into a mine and finding precious resources like iron is fun all by itself. Not to mention that you can go off hunting into the night. Everything you destroy in this game has a purpose. Example: wood is used to make a crafting table which can help you craft all sorts of tools and items that you will need. If you add three sticks and come string together you will get a bow. If you have a bow you will need arrows and the need for materials just goes on and on. This game just becomes very addicting, and fast. 

So what are you waiting for, this game is a must have for PC. I am normally not a PC gamer but Minecraft has been able to keep me glued to my screen and my PC running at its best. But all I have mentioned in this post is just the tip of the iceberg for Minecraft. What you can build and design is limitless. And all this just for single player.

Minecraft does have multiplayer features. Which actually would only make the game better. Joining in a world with a few friends mining anything and everything together. Multiplayer is a feature you will have to pay for. But if you have some knowledge about networking and if you are good at finding some hacks online to crack the software, allowing you to play online then this will be a great game for you.

I will have to say that Minecraft is one amazing game for the ages. I can not see how one person could not be addicted to this game after you first begin. There is a lot to learn about Minecraft so keep coming back to this blog for more. I will begin a page just for Minecraft tips and tricks. I hope to show you come cool designs of my own. Until next time GAME ON….


~ by rjslick88 on May 18, 2012.

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