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You click on this post to find answers on which version of Minecraft (PC or Xbox 360) is better or how it is different. This post should answer all your questions. If you have any questions that were not answered in this post comment below. Don’t for get to hit that follow button to get more up-to-date gaming posts from this blog.

Minecraft is no new game, it first came out in 2010; in 2012 it was ported over to the Xbox 360. Since the release onto Xbox live, Minecraft has become the most downloaded game on Xbox live. But which is the better version PC or Xbox?

Minecraft on Computer

Let us begin with the PC version. You can easily get onto the internet and download a free copy (torrent) of the game to you computer. Or you can purchase a copy from Minecraft.net for only $27. So you can easily get started in your Minecraft world to build whatever your heart desires. You will also have choices of worlds, creative, survival, and hardcore. With the computer version there is no help with how to craft items, so you will have to look up the Minecraft wiki so you can learn how to make items like doors, fences, mine carts, etc. There is a huge community online that you can easily find with a google search. You will find videos, forums, websites all centered around Minecraft tutorials and tips.

The PC version with always be the first that updates with new features Mojang adds to the game. The controls for the PC version are simple and fully customizable to your play style. The PC version is superior in my eyes by far!

One reason you should choose the PC version over the xbox version is because of the modifications that you can add to the game. Again there are many videos and sites that can help you, only a click away. Mods are plentiful on the PC Minecraft Check out Technic Laucher for many modpacks that are fun to play.

The PC version also has an abundance of texture packs for Minecraft that are all community made, free to download, and easy to install. If you purchased your copy of Minecraft and you don’t like the Steve character skin, download one online for free and upload it to your Mojang account. There are thousands of texture packs, skins, and even capes.

If you get bored playing alone and want to play online with your friends, you play on a server. Servers can be purchased, Mojang started Realms.  Renting a server can be easy but a challenge to keep running, especially if your are running a modpack. Or if you are tech savy you can setup a port forward to use your own router to get your friends to login with. There are many videos and sites with tutorials on how do that. Minecraft is truly better with more players working toward the same goal.

Minecraft on Xbox 360

Minecraft just released March 22nd, 2012 onto Xbox Live Arcade. There is a trial version for download on Xbox Live Marketplace but if you want the game you will have to purchase with Mircosoft points. It takes 1600 points to purchase/download the game which is $19.99. At that price I am not going to complain because it is cheaper for this version than purchasing it on PC. Minecraft on Xbox if highly focused around co-op. You can start a world solo, go online and have friends or community members join you while you are on, or even play locally with up to 4 players. The controls did take some getting used to and with only 3 choices of controls you are limited with what you want your buttons to be. The crafting in the Xbox version has been drastically simplified. You can quickly and easily craft whatever you need to build or mine with. But it often glitches, you can have the items in your inventory to craft the items you need, but it won’t let you. The Xbox 360 version can be modded but it is more difficult to do so. See the internet on how-to mod this version. Texture packs and character skins have to be purchased for the Xbox version. Click here for the list of the texture packs for purchase. While this version has quickly became similar to the PC vanilla version I always preferred playing Minecraft on PC.

My suggestion is to find out what version of Minecraft your friends play and purchase that version so you can play with them. As I said before Minecraft is a better game when playing with friends. I also suggest purchasing the PC version, renting a server and downloading the technic laucher and play that for your Minecraft fix. You will be very pleased!

If you are still not sure what is different between these versions then click the links below to view a webpage of the update log of each version.

Click here for updates on PC Minecraft

Click here for updates on Xbox 360 Minecraft

Hope this post could answer all your questions on this topic. Don’t forget to search for the Playstation version and the iPhone/iPad/Android versions for more Minecraft fun. Until next time game on…

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