A Must Play, Classic Lego Game

Back in the late 1990’s Lego released a set series called Rock Raiders. Short after the release of the Lego sets they decided to make a game out of it. So today I will revisit this old title.

Lego Rock Raiders (LRR) was a Lego Media game that came out on windows. It was released to store shelves on November 15th 1999. It was developed by Data Design Interactive. And a Playstation version was released a year after the PC version. Rated E for everyone. (If you are looking for trouble shooting tip see the blue text below)

Lego Rock Raiders begins with an option to go through a tutorial or to just begin the first mission with out a tutorial. With only 25 missions that progressively get harder as you play through. At the beginning of each mission the Chief rock raider will tell you what your mission objects are.

The missions mostly consist of collecting enough energy crystals. Other missions are: mining to a trapped vehicle, rescuing trapped rock raiders, and constructing certain buildings for HQ. There are even missions that are time sensitive; certain caverns you will have to construct support stations to fill the cavern with air before you run out of air. At the end of each mission the Chief rock raider will grade you on the work you did. The grade is irrelevant in progression of the game.

Once you begin in a mission you will have nothing but a tool store. You then have to teleport down rock raiders to begin working. You will have to tell your workers where to drill, shovel gravel, reinforce walls,  blast through rock, build paths, and construct new buildings. You can set the priority level of what you prefer your rock raiders to do first. Each rock raider can be trained to preform certain tasks such as: driver,  geologist, explosive expert, pilot, and more. It all seems so easy, right?

As the levels and mission become harder you will have to build more important buildings and teleport down better vehicles. Eventually you will have to defend your base against slime slugs (they eat energy crystals) and rock monsters (also eat energy crystals and destroy buildings/paths). You will have to train your rock raiders to defend your base as well as construct HQ defense measures. But the game still has more features for you!

You can also play in the eyes of a rock raider. If you want to drive one of the mining vehicles you can hope in the eyes of the driver and drill away. There are tons of vehicles that you will have to warp down to get the job done. Vehicles like small and large drilling trucks, loaders (that clear gravel), boats, and hovering scouts. And a smart feature they added was the ability to speed up the game speed. So you won’t have to wait around forever for your rock raiders to construct builds and collect minerals.

So this old title had a lot to offer even for a game that is over 10 years old. It is actually fun to play, especially when you get to the later missions that take more time to play through. The prices for a copy of the game online are way too high for what the game has to offer I am sure there is a downloadable copy somewhere. If you actually have a copy of the CD I will have to give you this tip for getting it to work on Windows 7 or Vista. Once you let it install try running the program. You should get an error saying a .dll file is missing. If you have the CD all you do is find the file on the CD and copy it into this folder (C:\Program Files (86) \LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders) and it should run. Another tip, before loading the game make sure that you lower your display settings. A warning, the game may crash when playing on Windows 7.

I will do my best to bring you a trailer for the gameplay soon for now here is the intro video

Thanks for reading yet another Average Retro Gamer blog post. Please stay tuned for more classic retro games and new titles. Until next time game on…


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