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Animal Crossing (video game)

This game is all about playing the game by the clock. Not just the game clock but your actual clock. Animal Crossing on the Gamecube was all about playing in a town you help manage in real time. It was also the first title of three in the series. Designed and published by Nintendo, this life simulation game will have you hooked. What is the best selling gamecube game about?

This game is an open-ended game. So there is no set objective or tasks. You just live in the town that is populated with anthropomorphic animals. Animal Crossing cleverly used the internal Gamecube clock. So whatever time it was in your life it was that time in the game. This is all nice but what is there to do in the game?

Well in your town there is your house, your neighbors, a store, a museum (empty at first), a train station, and plenty of land to roam around on. As you walk around you can go fishing; the fish you catch can be donated to the museum. You can also go digging for fossils which can also be donated to the museum.

A player's house during winter

But don’t forget about your animal neighbors, they have stuff for you to do as well. Not to mention your can write letters back and forth with your neighbors. The more you do for your town and neighbors the more your house and town stores will grow. You will even come to find that the Nintendo developers put in old playable NES games that you can place in your house. The NES game feature was a fan favorite. If you are getting tired of your town you can always plug in your Game Boy Advanced to the Gamecube and travel to your own personal tropical island. When I played Animal Crossing I used the tropical island house is storage for all the furniture I didn’t need or want in my main house.

Animal Crossing also included festivals for all the big holidays. Example, if you play Animal Crossing on the fourth of July at night there will be a fireworks show in your town. They even included Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.

What I haven’t mentioned is how the game actually starts. You first begin in your town and meet Tom Nook, a Raccoon store owner. He is the owner of the local store and he is generous enough to give you a house with a mortgage and a job to work off the new debt. The ultimate goal of the game is to expand the size of your house. This game will surely have you working hard trying to complete all the “tasks” that are in the game.  While all the tasks you are to do are simple and mediocre they will keep you hooked to the game. Tired of the same cloths? Visit the tailor and change your clothing/umbrella look. Even design your own design. If you decided to self the game for awhile, say a week, your villagers of your town will all write you letters asking you where you have been at. Animal Crossing is definitely a great real-time game.

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