Tetris 3D-Sphere

Do you like puzzle games. Are you a fan of Tetris? Or how about game that is all about destroying stuff? Well Tetrisphere has all that. Tetrisphere is a nintendo 64 puzzle game. It was developed by H2O entertainment. Though was originally developed by the canadian company for an atari system. When nintendo bought the rights for atari H2O redesigned the game for the N64. The official release was in august of 1997. Tetrisphere isn’t like your normal Tetris game.

Tetrisphere box art

Tetrisphere is a puzzle game that has the player shifting similar shaped blocks together to destroy. The puzzle is a sphere, hens the title. With a few different game modes this game can give your Tetris puzzle fix.

Puzzle modes:
Hide and seek, has different game rules to play each round. Most of them demanding the player to uncover a picture.

Rescue, has the player clear enough blocks to the core to help rescue a little sphere guy that is trapped inside.

Other game modes: time trial, vs., and practice

If you get a big enough combo while playing you unlock special rockets/explosives to help you clear a bigger section of blocks. These are more effective when higher levels are reached. The higher the level the more layers of blocks. Destroying blocks on a sphere hasn’t ever been more fun.

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