Guild Wars 2 Personal Review

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG made by Areanet. It was released August 28th. Guild Wars 2 is the most anticipated game this year. Guild War fans have had too long of a wait for this game. I will say fans and newbies to this game will not be disappointed in any way.I am new to the MMORPG genre so I didn’t really know what was in store for me when I first started up. But within the first few minutes of playing I was hooked.

Areanet really took their time with designing this game, and it shows. All the areas in the game are well designed and stunning to look at. Even all of the characters, weapons, and armor are all well done. Guild Wars 2 has definitely upped the bar for other MMORPG games that are out now.

Guild Wars 2 has 5 races and 8 professions to play as. Choosing just one to start out with proves difficult. So far I have created 3 characters; I have choose a Norn, Asura and Charr. And the professions I have tried are Thief, Necromancer, and Engineer. Areanet has done such a great job creating each profession there is something for every different kind of player. So far out of the three professions I have played I really like the necromancer. I have found that no matter what profession you choose it only get better and better as you level up closer to 80. For those who are new to Guild Wars like I was check out the site and see what profession interest you most, click here.

Guild Wars 2 has more things to do, places to travel, enemies to fight than any other game I have seen. I am still trying to learn about all the different things to do and see in this game. Forging powerful weapons, finding jumping puzzles, crafting items, and earn achievements are only a few things that will have players logging in for hours at a time just to get the next better item for their characters. Like I already said this game is very community driven.

I have found myself at times playing in an area and another player may ask me about my character or may ask for help getting a skill point. So far I have learned that this game is all about playing in numbers. The more player around you the more likely you will survive longer. If you get bored playing PvE you can always log into your WvW server. WvW is, in my opinion, one of the coolest parts about GW2. The server you choose to play on will battle two other servers every few weeks. This where fighting in numbers is key. Don’t forget to join a guild so you can have friendly help to chat with as you battle. Fighting against other real players is always more rewarding than fighting the same kind of undead creature in PvE. Not to mention that apart of every monthly chest achievement is getting 50 WvW kills. So log on to your game and Ill see you on the battlefield. Just watch out for Sorrows Furnace server, we are a strong WvW server.

So a wrap-up of my review. Guild Wars 2 has more to offer new players to MMORPGs that I ever thought. Even fans of the series can’t be disappointed. The graphic for the game are stunning to look at. With so much to do in the game you will surely be playing it for a long time. Not to mention with 5 characters slots to start out with and many professions to choose from it may be hard to play with just one character. The game has some bugs but of course the Areanet team is working hard to fix all of them. With different ways to play the fun with the game is nearly limitless. Check out some trailer videos


But there are some downsides to the game that I have noticed. The party size is maxed out at 5 which can be annoying when trying to play in hard dungeons. Some of the pricing for legendary weapons is steep, so players that are like me and only play a few hours a night will be playing for months on end just to get the currency to pay for the weapons and armor they want. But all that aside Guild Wars 2 is a game that everyone should check out. If you don’t like playing with a keyboard and mouse there are programs out there that can allow you to play with a controller. I play with a PC-Xbox controller and I will say I wouldn’t want to play it any other way. If you have any other questions or comments that I did not address please leave a comment below. Until next time, thanks for reading and GAME ON…

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