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Assassins-Creed-3-logoHello everyone, Average Retro Gamer here with a new game review, Assassin Creed 3. AC3 released on October 30th. The markers of this Assassin Creed title is Ubisoft Montreal, the same people who brought us Assassin Creed Revelations. AC3 had fans drooling over the same trailer for quite some time before its release. Which showed an assassin dawning white and blue clothing in the American revolutionary war. This Assassins creed title will surely have history buffs scratching their heads.

Lets get down to the nitty-gritty of this review.

Storyline and Gameplay

The game begins where revelations left off. Desmond is with his father and crew heading to their next location in their search. Once I finally got into the animus I was a little confused. Because you do not start out with that cool assassin dawning the blue and white robes as in the previews. You start as a British man named Haytham Kenway. Haytham at first seems to be an assassin, he has wit, he is agile, and he has a hidden blade. But as you play through as Haytham and learn more about him and the mysterious place he is searching for he pairs up with a Native American woman. After many more missions along side this Native, Haytham begins to fall for her. They undoubtedly get together and the story finally jumps with a surprising twist at the end of Haytham’s missions.

Anytime you arent in the animus you play some cool missions as Desmond. One in a stadium where you sneak around security guards and even a mission where Desmond uses a hidden blade. This part of AC3 has been what I was, and I’m sure what other players have been waiting for.

When you finally get back inside the animus, you begin life as the main character. Players get introduced to Ratonhnhake later named Connor. After seeing the death of his mother and his village he goes on a hurt for answers. Connor meets an old man who teaches him the ways of the assassins.

AC3The combat and gameplay of AC3 is the best this series has seen. Ubisoft completely revamped the combat, climbing, and game mechanics. They also gave Connor some cool weapons to wield, such as a tomahawk, rope darts, and a bow & arrow. The combat is fluid, making it easy to take on multiple enemies at once even while getting shot at. The graphics of the game are also very stunning to look at. You will find yourself playing is period correct cities like Boston and New York. Ubisoft also added tons of side missions as well as sea battles on a ship. The homestead missions will allow you add more people to your home, which also adds craftable recipes so you can expand your tool bags. So completing the story is only about 25% of the game. The worlds are open and vast. So AC3 has plenty to do in the story mode and in free roam.

But where AC3 successes at gameplay it lacks in storyline. I was rather disappointed with how Ubisoft decided to end Desmonds story. Even though it seems you get a choice at the very end of the game, you DO NOT. Not to mention the game just kind of ends suddenly.


assassins-creed-3-pre-orderFor those who pre-ordered they got an extra mission in which you unlocked a the sawtooth blade. The mission itself was a joke. The mission was a jumping/climbing mission but had no challenge to it. Not to mention players still have to go to a general store to equip the weapon after unlocking it. You also won’t be able to even go and get the sword until you become Connor and unlock the ship to travel there.

Also Ubisoft has announced that up to 5 total DLC will be released. Most doubt able the DLCs will not all be free. But note that some of the DLC has been reported in rare cases to delete game save data.

ac3_news_dlcUbisoft also created an alternate ending to the game. Called “The Tyranny of King Washington. I will say first that I have not played or really looked up much on this DLC. This DLC extra cost $30. I could not find much about specifics of this DLC but I did find this. As the revolution comes to a close, a new and most unexpected enemy emerges. Driven by the desire to secure the fate of the colonies, the greatest hero of the revolution, George Washington, succumbs to the temptation of infinite power. The new King is born and his reign leaves no one untouched. To return freedom to the land, our new hero must dethrone a tyrant he once called friend.

Multiplayer Thoughts

When the story ends you can try your hand at multiplayer. multiplayer wasn’t changed much from the previous title. But Ubisoft did add some extra game modes like wolf pack. Multiplayer does have some cool maps like in Boston and in the icy frontier. It is fun to play any mode, but it does take some time to perfect your skills. Last time I played the multiplayer I couldn’t do any better than placing 5th overall. The multiplayer still does provide an interesting break from the actual gameplay.

Conclusion of Review

Overall this Assassins Creed title is one any fan of the series should play. The gameplay and style of the game is worth playing. I will say this game is worth an 8 out of 10. Thanks for reading my review. Let me know what you think about the game. Until next time, game on…(videos to come)


  • Smooth combat
  • Plenty of gameplay time
  • Interesting weapon set
  • Solid multiplayer


  • Storyline lacking
  • Climbing and moving glitches
  • Confusing crafting
  • Expensive DLC extras
  • Gameplay/DLC bugs

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