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Hello Average Retro Gamer fans, this is another Minecraft post. In this post I will mention what the new Minecraft updates.

Click Here for Team Mojang Youtube channel

Click Here for a list of all the Minecraft PC updates

Click Here for a list of all the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates

There are new updates coming. Stay up to date on your Minecraft. Check out this video to see the upcoming update for PC

Minecraft 1.7 Update PC

This update was big. Adding new biomes blocks and more. This update changed how worlds look and generate. dubbed “Update that changed a world”. Check out this video to see what this update holds.

Minecraft 1.6 Update PC

This was called the horse update. This was an updated I was excited for. This update added carpets, horses, horse armor, donkeys, nametags, lasso, hay bale, and more.

Minecraft  1.5.1 Update PC

Mojang did it again. Right now there are tons of fans of this game are game are dancing in their seats. Just as I am when I started a new survival world! I am all ready excited to see the new nether with the nether ore. Daylight senors, Redstone block, weighted pressure plates and much more. I have not mod my game right now so I can play the game as it is meant to be. So I will bring more recorded videos of what I have build in my survival experience with the new update. For now watch this youtube video and get excited to play in your world too.

Video of the “Redstone Update” in song

Minecraft 1.4.5 update PC

This update was dubbed the “Pretty Scary” update. A lot was added in this update so let us begin. Note: this is an update for the PC version. Xbox version update is below.

The update released on October 31st of this year. So yes I know I am a little behind in posting this but none the less I am bringing it to you now. The list of stuff that was updated is extensive so I put together a little video for those who like visual aids. The video is about 17 minutes long and I go over almost everything in the game that they added. Enjoy.

Some things I forgot to mention in the video are that leather armor can be dyed, the collars on tamed dogs can be dyed, iron golems attack creepers, witch huts were added, empty maps, TNT triggers but flaming arrows, arrows can activate wooden buttons, mod heads can be worn, a new painting was added, new multiplayer options, and much more. If you would like to see the full list of the update just click here.

Xbox Version Update

For those players who play on the Xbox version of Minecraft you as well got some updates. This update happened on October 16th of this year. While the Xbox version is no where near as extensive as its PC counterpart it is still going through a lot of changes as well and quite quickly I might add. Check out this link for more details or just see the video below. click here

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post I hope that is was informative, entertaining and helpful. Please come back again for more posts from your favorite games new and old. Until next time game on…


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