The Classic Lego Racer

Yes today Average Retro Gamer fans I am talking about Lego. You may remember back in 1999 when Nintendo’s N64 was the ruler of the gaming world. A game made by High Voltage software and published by Lego Media was released. That game was Lego Racer. It also released on Playstation, windows and the Game Boy Color. But today I am focusing the attention to the N64 version. Though critics gave it mixed reviews, the game was still a huge hit with fans. 

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The gameplay is simple in Lego Racer, be the first to cross the finish line. Before you start the game you have the chance to design your very own driver and car. If you so choose to build your own you will probably see that the block selection is limited at first but you unlock new pieces every time you win a race. Throughout the tournament races player will race in colorful themed tracks. All the tracks have some hazards to avoid while racing. You can also pick up power-up blocks to help you eliminate the competition along the way. The power-ups include shooting items, boost, defense, and traps. Once you pick up a power-up block you can increase its power by picking up 1-3 white blocks. If you pick up 3 white blocks and a boost you will have a teleport boost. So needless to say this game is bundles of fun. Players can even plug in another controller to race against another friend.

So in conclusion Lego Racer, while having mixed reviews from critics, fans still loved it enough to buy it. They even made a sequel since the first game was so popular. I have to give this game a thumbs up. I specially remember having fun building and racing all my own cool cars. Thanks again for reading another Average Retro Gamer post, stay tuned into this site for more classic and new game reviews.

I will leave you with this video so you can see the actual gameplay, enjoy.


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