Halo 4 Review

Halo 4Hello Average Retro Gamer fans, I recently picked up a copy of Halo 4. I know this review is a little behind, but life and other games have been consuming my time. Many people weren’t sure how well the new developers of Halo games, 343 Industries, would carry on Master Chief’s saga. While at E3, 343 Industries showed off all their work. Fans and even I were impressed with the gameplay they teased us with. And now that I have the game in my hands I think it is one of the best Halo titles.

343 Industries pulled out all the stops for this title. And after I have played through the campaign alone I’m dieing to play it on legendary co-op. The campaign missions are memorable and fun and that fun only increases when playing with a friend online or local. Master chiefs enemy in this title are very formidable, the promethiens provide a different kind of difficultly no Halo fan has encountered before.


Halo 4’s multiplayer doesn’t disappoint either. Sprint is finally a standard like it is in call of duty. And the newly vamped up interface is also much like call of duty. You can customize loadouts, armor for your character, emblem, and colors. So 343 Industries took what people liked about Halo Reach and shot it with steroids. Players just want to keep playing to unlock better armor and awards. 343 Industries also added tons of new weapons and vehicles that defiantly enhance multiplayer to a new level it wasnt before. The new mech vehicle can really pack a punch in an opposing team if the driver is smart about using it. And the new promethien weapons are really cool to shoot and always breath taking to see how they reload. So players have lots of powerful weapons to choose from for their loadouts; so choose wisely and play off your strong suits with the different weapons and armor upgrades. Check out the videos below to see what 343 says about the multiplayer.


343 Industries also added a 4 player co-op mission online called Spartan Ops. Missions are being added ever month or so. And all the missions run similar with the campaign to give all Halo 4 players a full prospective of this forerunner planet that Master Chief has found himself on. I haven’t really spent the time to get into these Spartan Ops missions but I have not read or heard anything bad about them. 343 Industries really added all they could with this game.

In conclusion Halo 4 is a defiantly a contender for some game of the year categories. And from the other titles I have played that were released in 2012, Halo 4 by far has a good ending to an amazing campaign. I can not say the same about other game titles I have played through this year. My only problem with Halo 4 is requiring a 8GB free space just to play online multiplayer. But honestly that is not too much to complain about, if you don’t have the space just go out to the store or online and buy a cheap 10GB flash drive and format to your Xbox. I have to give Halo 4 a flawless 5 out of 5. Check out the Halo Waypoint Youtude channel here. This game does not disappoint. Until next time Game on..


~ by rjslick88 on January 8, 2013.

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