F-Zero X

FzeroxboxThat’s right Average Retro Gamer fans, another classic N64 racer. But this one is a Nintendo only game. F-Zero X released on the N64 in the year 1998. Playing this game again brings me back. This racing game is a futuristic racing gaming, all the cars hover over the track. Your goal is to come in first without blowing up.F-Zero X can be an intense racing game when you are fighting your way to the front of the pack. So needless to say there is a steep learning curve to play well in this game. F-Zero X is the third installment to the series, but also the first in the series to have 3D graphics.

FzeroF-Zero X did get a lot of praise about having lots of tracks, vehicles/drivers, fast paced racing, and a high frame rate. They also added new death race mode where you have to knock out 29 other vehicles off the track. Not to mention they added the X-cup which creates a different set of tracks every time you play. With all that F-Zero X stands out on its own as a racer.

So to close out this post I will say that F-Zero X is one of the best racing games on the Nintendo 64. It defiantly one of my favorites and if you have not played this title you need to. So get online and download a rom, or go to your local retro gaming store and pick it up and dust off that old N64. I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy reliving this classic racing title. Feel free to comment, share, and visit again for more classic and new gaming posts. Until next time game on…

Before you go check out these videos of some expert gamers playing this classic.

A Time Attack, Sorry for the Japanese menus in the video. I know I’m not this good. So I am sharing this with you from Youtube.

Another Awesome Youtube F-Zero X race video



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