Game Boy Advanced Top 10

Welcome Average Retro Gamer fans, today I am reporting on my favorite top 10 Game Boy Advanced (GBA) games. These are all the games I recommend playing; and if you have never played these titles before, consider trying them out. So lets start at #10 and work our way down.


#10 Sonic Advanced

This side scrolling Sonic game was the first released on the GBA. With 4 playable characters and more than 12 levels there is plenty of fun to have. Also you can link up with 3 others and to your Gamecube with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Not to mention a Chaos Garden Mini-Games. I put it at the 10 spot because it is easy to complete and playing through with the different characters provides interesting replay value.

#9 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

That’s right, Tony Hawk. This handheld version is a direct port from console to handheld. Fans of this game praised how well the developers took all of what made the console version so great into the GBA. The campaign is fun and once you complete it you unlock Spiderman himself! By far the best playable character for a skate game. I put this title at #9 because of the hours of gameplay and the challenge the levels provide.

#8 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

This game is defiantly the best racing game on the GBA. This title plays much like the SNES version. With 5 different racing cups there are plenty of tracks that will test your skills. It has all the same characters from the N64 version and all the fun of it too. Link up with friends to have battles and races to see who is better. This title makes the #8 spot for being the best racer and have plenty of challenge with each cup.

#7 Yoshi Island: Super Mario Advance 3

This game is one to remember. With over 50 levels, each challenging the players egg throwing, and enemy eating skills. So keep Baby Mario on your back and trek through all the fun boss battles and thrilling level design. This game made it to the #7 spot because it is just darn fun!

#6 Metroid Fusion

This game is one of my personal favorites. If you would like to read more about the game click here. This game was the first Metroid game on the GBA. Metroid Fusion made it to the #6 spot because if its originality and memorable boss battles and story.

#5 Mario & Luigi Super Saga

This game is one of the best RPG originals that was ever released on the GBA. Mario and Luigi Super saga will get you heart racing and your button pressing thumb some exercise. If you would like to read a full review click here. This game made it to the #5 spot because of how challenging the boss battles are and the thrilling story of Marion and Luigi saving the Princess once again.

#4 Zelda The Minish Cap

This 3rd installment to the Zelda games on the GBA will have players shrinking Link to small proportions. This game was named 20th best GBA game by IGN but named #4 by me because of how original this game is. Link is just as skilled in 1/10th the size.

#3 Metroid Zero Mission

Thats right another Metroid game in the top 10. If you were to play this original Metroid remake you will know why it is #3 on the list. If you want to read a full review on this game just click here.

#2 Mario Tennis Power Tour

We have made it to #2 on the list, and Mario Tennis Power Tour stands up to the challenge of holding this spot. Creating a character and playing through the campaign in both singles and doubles will have you hooked for hours. This game was cool because you can train your character in mini games to unlock better power shots. This game only gets more challenging and fun as you progress through all the ranks and tournaments.

#1 Warioware Twisted

This is it, the best GBA game. Even IGN will agree. This Warioware game is original because it was the first to ever use motion sensing technology. This game is nothing but mini games but they are fun and challenging as you progress through all characters of the Wario world. Warioware Twisted is a must play game for the GBA.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all of my top 10 GBA game choices. Let me know what games you think are your top 10 in the comments below. Until next time fans, game on…

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