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EagamesToday I want to talk to you about one my favorite street racing titles of all time.  EA released Need for Speed Underground on multiple platforms in the early 2000. During the time of the first Fast and Furious movie, which was very popular. The game was highly rated and reviewed so EA released the second game Need for Speed Underground 2 which I am presenting to you today. Need for Speed Underground 2 is much like its predecessors you buy a car, such as a Honda Civic, trick it out with all different colors and parts. You are to race in many different kinds of events to earn more money and respect. 


This post will talk about why Need For Speed Underground 2 (NFSU2) has more to offer than Need for Speed Underground 1. You will get to see about this title and why me and so many others like this game. I hope after reading this post you will be prompted to play this game.

The story in Need for Speed Underground 2 is a continuation of the first game. The Character you play was on top at the end of game 1 and was sabotaged back to the bottom and now in a new city. Brooke Burke is the main characters friend Rachel. She helps you learn about the town, where races are and she even hooks you up with a car to start. Suggestion always choose the Nissan 240sx.


EA really spent a lot of money in creating a cinematic story experience. Brooke Burke did her voice acting and looks stunning even in her 2D art form. But the real excitement of the game is customizing you car, showing it off in sponsor magazines, and during races.

EA expanded the kinds of racing events in Need for Speed Underground 2. These are all the race events in NFSU2: drift racing, drag racing, circuit racing, sprint races, street X and URL races. Street X races are small track racing where nitrous is turned off. URL stands for underground racing leauge. These are actual track races which only “sponsored” cars can race in. EA really added more for all the street racing fans.

Need for Speed Underground 2 is a free roaming. In order to race events you will have to drive to where the event is being held. No quick jumping from event to event. That is one down side to the game but while you are free roaming around the map you will run into upgrade shops and AI drivers that you can race. There are shops for painting, visual interior, engine upgrade, and a car dealership. These shop will allow you to truly personalize your ride to win. Also while driving around the city you will be able to race AI opponents for cash and/or special parts for your car that you can not buy otherwise. Your car also has a phone, which you will get calls on about races happening in certain areas. These “phone call races ” will not appear on the map but pay out big.

The map, which is easy to use and set GPS points on so you can get directly to the events you wish to race. You are able to jump to your garage to switch cars or tune the your car(s) at anytime while in free roam. Tune your car on the dyno. Changing some of the many settings ,even a little, can make a difference  in the dyno graph but resetting it to default is more beneficial.

So you you probably understand by now this has a lot packed into it for a racing game that is already over 10 years old. Customization, racing, free roaming, SUV’s, and interesting continuing story line. So I urge you this game is a must play if you are into racing games. This arcade racer will not let you down. Try not to spend all your money in making your cars look good when you play it. Until next time game on. I will leave you with some pictures of cars that I customized and raced in my career play through.

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