007 Legends worth playing?

This week I rented 007 Legends from the redbox. The trailer of the game excited me to play an action packed James Bond game. Watch the trailer, then read more about my review:

007-Legends-AnnounceAfter watching the trailer I am sure you would be excited as I was to play this game. But like all games this one has it’s pros and cons. I will say first that this Bond game is like no other before it. Most of the previous 007 games focused around a single movie plot. 007 Legends has you playing as Daniel Craig in all the best Bond moments.¬†

The 007 Legends site says this title is first of its kind. It promises an overarching storyline in which you play through 6 movie inspired missions from some of the most classic Bond movies. This first person shooter has many thrills of being a top spy. This game has cool spy gadgets, lots of customizable weapons, vehicle missions, and great cinematics. So lets break down my pros and cons of this multiplatform 007 title.


  • original Bond game concept
  • lots of different spy gadgets (spy watch, pen darts)
  • many different weapons (pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, SMG’s, and sniper rifles)
  • weapons can be customized (different sights, surpressors, laser sights, and grenade launchers)
  • great voice acting in cutscenes
  • interactive fighting cutscenes, fights against Od’Job and Jaws


  • Daniel Craig is the Bond for the entire game… I want to play the actor(s) from the original movie in each mission
  • vehicle missions are dull/lacking and the cars are not accurate to the movies
  • button mashing fight sequences between interactive cinematics are all similar and become old over time
  • aim assist is lacking and killing multiple enemies can be difficult
  • only guns in hand can be customized
  • game has multiplayer online but who would play this game online…?


So in conclusion this 007 title is momentarily thrilling,¬†providing a fun evening of James Bond gaming, but not worth $60 new or used. 007 Legends can provide you with some memorable gaming moments, but lacks in re-play value. Rent it once if you need that James Bond, shaken not stirred, experience. Or pass over this title and just stick with COD or Halo. Average Retro Gamer, renting games so you don’t have to.¬†Until next time… game on. Please leave a comment below.


~ by rjslick88 on May 27, 2013.

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