One of the Best FPS Remastered

Perfect_dark_cover_artHey Average Retro Gamer fans, that’s right one of my favorite classic shooters from the N64 is back. Microsoft back when Xbox 360 was first released, bought the rights for Perfect Dark from Rare. Xbox 360 had a Perfect Dark game called Perfect Dark Zero which was not thrilling to play, to say the least. But I recently found that they remastered the original Perfect Dark into an arcade game for the Xbox 360! And for a limited time on Xbox Live it is only $1.99!!! So naturally I had to get it. I was excited to play through the game once again. The graphics are very well remastered. Xbox did a good job bringing this old title back to gamers. There are plenty of modes to play as well and even achievements to earn. Play with friends or against them locally or through xbox live. This game is worth picking up for only $2. So you should see it featured on Live if not search for it in the arcade section. And if you would like to play online with me add me as a friend on Xbox Live (gamertag: Stuntin625). Happy hunting Agent Dark!

Until next time game on…

Here are some trailers for you!


~ by rjslick88 on December 11, 2013.

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