Shoot Many Robots

You got that right, let us go shoot some robots.
ShootManyRobots LogoThis Ubisoft published game was free on xbox live last month to I downloaded it to try it out. I was not sure at first about this arcade shooter. IGN gave this game a bad rating. But this Average Retro Gamer says they need to think again. I really like this game. It has simple shoot mechanics, lots of weapons and gear to unlock, the game can be challenging but not really frustrating, and fun to play with friends locally and online.

Normally this game is $9.99 online. Even at that price this game packs enough fun and challenge to pay that. I am sure you have paid too much for a bad game once or twice before, like I have. Shoot Many Robots will not disappoint. Check out these screen shots and video.

shoot_many_robots_launch_screenshot_04 Shootmany robots coop shootmanyrobots attack

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Average Retro Gamer gives this a two thumbs up


  • Replay ability
  • Simply play alone or with friends
  • Simple shooting mechanics
  • The massive weapon and clothing customization


  • Other players online
  • Bad online connectivity

~ by rjslick88 on January 8, 2014.

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